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UXPageableComboBox is an enhanced UXDataComboBox control featuring highly-efficient data retrieval mechanism through server paging and sorting capabilities. In addition, it also includes a host of innovative features such as multiple columns, templated column, description text, and much more.


The following code shows how to use UXPageableComboBox to query and display the records in single column layout.


As seen in the example above, notice that you only need to bind the FilterDescriptors in the XAML and handle the QueryChanged in your ViewModel. UXPageableComboBox will automatically provide the filter descriptors based on FilterMemberPath, FilterOperator and user's input query.

When the PageDescriptor is larger than 0, this indicates that the control is requesting more data to be retrieved. As seen in the code above, you should add the new items to the existing collection instead of assigning the result to the initial collection property. This approach allows incremental data loading which significantly improves performance even for very large data scenario.

If the FilterMemberPath property is not specified, UXDataComboBox will use DisplayMemberPath for the filtering purpose.


public class UXPageableComboBox : UXDataComboBox


The following table summarizes the members exposed in this class.

Public Constructors

UXPageableComboBox Constructor()Initializes a new instance of the UXPageableComboBox class.

Public Constructors

public UXPageableComboBox()

Initializes a new instance of the UXPageableComboBox class.

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