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Specifies type of series


public enum SeriesType


The following table summarizes the members exposed in this enumeration.


Area Area series
Bar Bar series
Bubble Bubble series
CandleStick Candle Stick series
Column Column series
Doughnut Doughnut series
Line Line series
Pie Pie series
Polar Polar series
Radar Radar series
Scatter Scatter series
Stock Stock series
SmoothLine smooth line series
SmoothArea Smooth area series
StepLine Step line series
StepArea Step area series
StackedArea Stacked area series
StackedBar Stacked bar series
StackedColumn Stacked column series
StackedLine Stacked line series
Stacked100Area Stacked 100 area series
Stacked100Bar Stacked 100 bar series
Stacked100Column Stacked 100 column series
Stacked100Line Stacked 100 line series
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