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Specifies the paper kind


public enum PaperKind


The following table summarizes the members exposed in this enumeration.


Custom Custom
Letter Letter
LetterSmall Letter Small
Tabloid Tabloid
Ledger Ledger
Legal Legal
Statement Statement
Executive Executive
A3 A3
A4 A4
A4Small A4 Small
A5 A5
B4 B4
B5 B5
Folio Folio
Quarto Quarto
Standard10x14 Standard 10x14
Standard11x17 Standard 11x17
Note Note
Number9Envelope Number 9 Envelope
Number10Envelope Number 10 Envelope
Number11Envelope Number 11 Envelope
Number12Envelope Number 12 Envelope
Number14Envelope Number 14 Envelope
CSheet C Sheet
DSheet D Sheet
ESheet E Sheet
DLEnvelope DL Envelope
C5Envelope C5 Envelope
C3Envelope C3 Envelope
C4Envelope C3 Envelope
C6Envelope C6 Envelope
C65Envelope C65 Envelope
B4Envelope B4 Envelope
B5Envelope B5 Envelope
B6Envelope B6 Envelope
ItalyEnvelope Italy Envelope
MonarchEnvelope Monarch Envelope
PersonalEnvelope Personal Envelope
USStandardFanfold US Standard Fanfold
GermanStandardFanfold German Standard Fanfold
GermanLegalFanfold German Legal Fanfold
IsoB4 ISO B4
JapanesePostcard Japanese Postcard
Standard9x11 Standard 9x11
Standard10x11 Standard 10x11
Standard15x11 Standard 15x11
InviteEnvelope Invite Envelope
LetterExtra Letter Extra
LegalExtra Legal Extra
TabloidExtra Tabloid Extra
A4Extra A4 Extra
LetterTransverse Letter Transverse
A4Transverse A4 Transverse
LetterExtraTransverse Letter Extra Transverse
APlus A Plus
BPlus B Plus
LetterPlus Letter Plus
A4Plus A4 Plus
A5Transverse A5 Transverse
B5Transverse B5 Transverse
A3Extra A3 Extra
A5Extra A5 Extra
B5Extra B5 Extra
A2 A2
A3Transverse A3 Transverse
A3ExtraTransverse A3 Extra Transverse
JapaneseDoublePostcard Japanese Double Postcard
A6 A6
JapaneseEnvelopeKakuNumber2 Japanese Envelope Kaku Number 2
JapaneseEnvelopeKakuNumber3 Japanese Envelope Kaku Number 3
JapaneseEnvelopeChouNumber3 Japanese Envelope Chou Number 3
JapaneseEnvelopeChouNumber4 Japanese Envelope Chou Number 4
LetterRotated Letter Rotated
A3Rotated A3 Rotated
A4Rotated A4 Rotated
A5Rotated A5 Rotated
B4JisRotated B4 JIS Rotated
B5JisRotated B5 JIS Rotated
JapanesePostcardRotated Japanese Postcard Rotated
JapaneseDoublePostcardRotated Japanese Double Postcard Rotated
A6Rotated A6 Rotated
JapaneseEnvelopeKakuNumber2Rotated Japanese Envelope Kaku Number 2 Rotated
JapaneseEnvelopeKakuNumber3Rotated Japanese Envelope Kaku Number 3 Rotated
JapaneseEnvelopeChouNumber3Rotated Japanese Envelope Chou Number 3 Rotated
JapaneseEnvelopeChouNumber4Rotated Japanese Envelope Chou Number 4 Rotated
B6Jis B6 JIS
B6JisRotated B6 JIS Rotated
Standard12x11 Standard 12x11
JapaneseEnvelopeYouNumber4 Japanese Envelope You Number 4
JapaneseEnvelopeYouNumber4Rotated Japanese Envelope You Number 4 Rotated
Prc16K PRC 16K
Prc32K PRC 32K
Prc32KBig PRC 32K Big
PrcEnvelopeNumber1 PRC Envelope Number 1
PrcEnvelopeNumber2 PRC Envelope Number 2
PrcEnvelopeNumber3 PRC Envelope Number 3
PrcEnvelopeNumber4 PRC Envelope Number 4
PrcEnvelopeNumber5 PRC Envelope Number 5
PrcEnvelopeNumber6 PRC Envelope Number 6
PrcEnvelopeNumber7 PRC Envelope Number 7
PrcEnvelopeNumber8 PRC Envelope Number 8
PrcEnvelopeNumber9 PRC Envelope Number 9
PrcEnvelopeNumber10 PRC Envelope Number 10
Prc16KRotated PRC 16K Rotated
Prc32KRotated PRC 32K Rotated
Prc32KBigRotated PRC 32K Big Rotated
PrcEnvelopeNumber1Rotated PRC Envelope Number 1 Rotated
PrcEnvelopeNumber2Rotated PRC Envelope Number 2 Rotated
PrcEnvelopeNumber3Rotated PRC Envelope Number 3 Rotated
PrcEnvelopeNumber4Rotated PRC Envelope Number 4 Rotated
PrcEnvelopeNumber5Rotated PRC Envelope Number 5 Rotated
PrcEnvelopeNumber6Rotated PRC Envelope Number 6 Rotated
PrcEnvelopeNumber7Rotated PRC Envelope Number 7 Rotated
PrcEnvelopeNumber8Rotated PRC Envelope Number 8 Rotated
PrcEnvelopeNumber9Rotated PRC Envelope Number 9 Rotated
PrcEnvelopeNumber10Rotated PRC Envelope Number 10 Rotated
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