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Intersoft ClientUI includes a powerful, journal-aware navigation framework that consisted of several key components and UI controls that works seamlessly together to deliver consistent and reliable navigation experiences throughout the application.

At the core of the ClientUI navigation framework is the UXFrame and UXPage class that designed with particular features that allow them to work seamlessly together. The UXPage represents discrete sections of navigable content, while the UXFrame control acts as a container for the page controls which is also referred as navigation host, and facilitates navigation to pages.


ChildNavigationEventArgsProvides data for the ChildNavigation event.
FragmentNavigationEventArgsProvides data for the FragmentNavigation event.
ISFrameServes as the base class for all Intersoft Client controls.
JournalHistoryRepresents the journal history management for a navigation control.
NavigatedCommandParameterRepresents the class that provides contextual information for the !:NavigatedCommand.
NavigatingCancelEventArgsProvides data for the Navigating event.
NavigationDirectionChangedEventArgsProvides data for ResolveNavigationDirection event.
NavigationEventArgsProvides data for non-cancelable navigation events, including LoadCompleted, Navigated, and NavigationStopped.
NavigationEventsRepresents navigation-related routed events.
NavigationFailedEventArgsProvides data for the NavigationFailed event.
NavigationProgressEventArgsProvides data for the NavigationProgress event.
NavigationStateChangedEventArgsProvides data for the NavigationStateChanged event.
SitemapDataRepresents SitemapData object that will be used by UXBreadCrumb control.
TabControlRegionAdapterRepresents the region adapter for tab controls.
UriConverterUtility class that converts Uri to string.
UriMapperConverts a uniform resource identifier (URI) into a new URI based on the rules of a matching object specified in a collection of mapping objects.
UriMappingDefines the pattern for converting a requested uniform resource identifier (URI) into a new URI.
UXBreadCrumbRepresents a navigation control that provides breadcrumb navigation.
UXBreadCrumbBoxRepresents a selection control in a drop-down list form.
UXBreadCrumbBoxItemRepresents a control that displays list item.
UXBreadCrumbItemRepresents the item in UXBreadCrumb control.
UXFrameUXFrame is a content control that supports navigation.
UXJournalButtonsProvides predefined buttons for journal navigation which includes Back and Forward button. Currently supported navigators are UXFrame and UXNavigationWindow.
UXNavigationBarRepresents a navigation bar that contains a collection of predefined navigation commands such as Back, Forward and Refresh. The navigation bar automatically works with a navigator such as UXFrame or UXNavigationWindow.
UXPageEncapsulates content that can be navigated to by a Navigator such as UXFrame and UXNavigationWindow.
UXTabControlRepresents a control that contains multiple items that share the same space on the screen.
UXTabItemRepresents a tab item that consists of tab header and tab page.
VirtualizedUriRepresents a virtualized URI used in a navigator.
VirtualPathRepresents a virtual path used to map URI source in a navigator.


ChildNavigationEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the ChildNavigation event.
FragmentNavigationEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the FragmentNavigation event.
NavigatingCancelEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the NavigationCancel event.
NavigationDirectionChangedEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the ResolveNavigationDirectionEvent event.
NavigationEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the Navigation event.
NavigationFailedEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the NavigationFailed event.
NavigationProgressEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the NavigationProgress event.
NavigationStateChangedEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the NavigationStateChanged event.


ContentCacheModeSpecifies how tab content is cached.
DirectionDetectionModeSpecifies how the navigation direction is determined.
FragmentNavigationDirectionSpecifies value that describes the direction of fragment navigation.
FrameLoaderStyleSpecifies the appearance of the frame loader.
NavigationDirectionSpecifies value that describes the direction of current navigation.
UriMappingScopeSpecifies the scope of the UriMapping for a navigation host.
Page: ChildNavigationEventArgs Class Page: ChildNavigationEventHandler Delegate Page: ContentCacheMode Enumeration Page: DirectionDetectionMode Enumeration Page: FragmentNavigationDirection Enumeration Page: FragmentNavigationEventArgs Class Page: FragmentNavigationEventHandler Delegate Page: FrameLoaderStyle Enumeration Page: ISFrame Class Page: JournalHistory Class Page: NavigatedCommandParameter Class Page: NavigatingCancelEventArgs Class Page: NavigatingCancelEventHandler Delegate Page: NavigationDirectionChangedEventArgs Class Page: NavigationDirectionChangedEventHandler Delegate Page: NavigationDirection Enumeration Page: NavigationEventArgs Class Page: NavigationEventHandler Delegate Page: NavigationEvents Class Page: NavigationFailedEventArgs Class Page: NavigationFailedEventHandler Delegate Page: NavigationProgressEventArgs Class Page: NavigationProgressEventHandler Delegate Page: NavigationStateChangedEventArgs Class Page: NavigationStateChangedEventHandler Delegate Page: PoweredByAttribute Class - Navigation Page: SitemapData Class Page: TabControlRegionAdapter Class Page: UriConverter Class Page: UriMapper Class Page: UriMapping Class Page: UriMappingScope Enumeration Page: UXBreadCrumbBox Class Page: UXBreadCrumbBoxItem Class Page: UXBreadCrumb Class Page: UXBreadCrumbItem Class Page: UXFrame Class Page: UXFrameErrorPage Class Page: UXFrameLoader Class Page: UXJournalButtons Class Page: UXNavigationBar Class Page: UXPage Class Page: UXPageLoader Class Page: UXTabControl Class Page: UXTabItem Class Page: VirtualizedUri Class Page: VirtualPath Class