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The drag-drop framework in ClientUI provides a comprehensive library to easily add drag and drop capability to any UI Elements within Silverlight or WPF application.

Intersoft ClientUI provides advanced panels that include built-in drag and drop capability called interactive panels. The interactive panels include predefined visual hints and fluid user experience when an item is removed or dragged into to the panel.

With interactive panels, you can easily add interactivity features to an existing ItemsControl such as a ListBox. To learn more about how to make standard ListBox interactive using UXStackPanel, see How-to: Enable drag drop to standard ListBox using UXStackPanel. To learn more about drag-drop capability of these panels, see Drag-drop Framework Overview.

ClientUI includes two interactive panels that derived from UXPanel, such as listed below.


DragDropProvides drag drop capability to UIElement.
DragDropBehaviorProvides attached control with drag drop capability to an element that attached with drop target behavior.
DragDropControlBehaviorProvides attached control with drag drop capability to a control that attached with drag drop control behavior.
DragDropEventDataContains state information and event data associated with a drag drop event.
DragDropManagerDrag drop manager.
DragDropPointBehaviorProvides attached control with drag drop capability. The attached object must be the inner element / part of a complex structure.
DragDropShadowEventArgsProvides data for DragDropShadow creation event.
DragDropTooltipProvides a lightweight control for displaying the drag drop tooltip.
DragEventArgsProvides data for DragDrop event.
DragEventExtensionsExtension members for drag event args.
DropObjectChangedRoutedEventArgsProvides data for DropObjectChanged event.
DropTargetBehaviorProvides attached control with drop capability as the counter part / placeholder for object attached with a drag drop behavior.
GiveFeedbackEventArgsProvides data for GiveFeedback event.
GiveFeedbackEventExtensionsProvides extensions for GiveFeedbackEvent.
ISDragableHeaderedHierarchicalMultipleSelectionControlProvides base class for dragable headered items control.
ISDragableHeaderedSelectionControlProvides base class for dragable headered items control.
ISDragableHierarchicalMultipleSelectionControlProvides base class for dragable selection control.
ISDragableItemsControlProvides base class for dragable items control.
ISDragableMultipleSelectionControlProvides base class for dragable selection control.
ISDragableSelectionControlProvides base class for dragable selection control.
ISDragDropProvides drag drop capability to UIElement.
PanelUtilityExportUXPanel utility class.
QueryContinueDragEventArgsProvides data for QueryContinueDrag event.
QueryDropStateEventArgsProvides data for QueryDropState event.
QueryDropStateEventExtentionsExtension members for query drag event args.
UXGridPanelProvides a UXPanel layout in form of grid panel where item can be inserted, moved or removed interactively.
UXPanelProvide an abstact class for UXPanel implementation.
UXPanelActionEventArgsContains state information and event data associated with a UXPanel action event.
UXStackPanelProvides a UXPanel layout in form of stack panel where item can be inserted, moved or removed interactively.
UXTransformablePanelProvides a transformable UXPanel layout where item can be inserted, moved or removed interactively.


IDropableProvides an interface for dropable control / panel.
IGridPanelProvides interface for UXGridPanel.
IStackPanelProvides interface for UXStackPanel.


DragDropShadowRoutedEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the DragDropShadow creation event.
DragEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the DragDrop event.
DropObjectChangedRoutedEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the DropObjectChanged routed event.
GiveFeedbackEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the GiveFeedback event.
QueryContinueDragEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the QueryContinueDrag event.
QueryDropStateEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the QueryDropState routed event.
UXPanelActionRoutedEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the UXPanelAction event.


DragActionSpecifies how and if a drag-and-drop operation should continue.
DragDropEffectsSpecifies the effects of a drag-and-drop operation.
DragDropKeyStatesSpecifies the drag drop key states.
DragDropScopeSpecifies value that control how the drag drop scopes.
DragEffectSpecifies value that control the drag effects to the associated object
DragEventTypeSpecifies drag event type.
DragModeSpecifies value that control the drag behavior for items in UXPanel.
DragOffModeSpecifies value that control the drag off action.
DropActionSpecifies value that control the drop action on drop target.
DropBehaviorSpecifies value that control the drop action of the drop target.
GridModeSpecifies value that control the grid modes in UXGridPanel.
MoveTypeSpecifies values that determine move action.
PanelTypeSpecifies values that determine the type of TransformablePanel.
TooltipImageSpecifies values that determine tooltip image.
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