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Intersoft ClientUI provides a rich library of controls that support user interface (UI) development, ranging from essential user information controls such as label, glass label, ellipsis text, progress bar, to advanced UI controls such as image loader, field label and media player.

Many of the ClientUI user interface controls provide rich content model to easily support image/icon and content presentation which is widely adopted in modern application interface today. Standards-compliance usability is also consistently implemented in various controls, such as built-in focus management in FieldLabel and CallOut. Various UI controls such as VideoPlayer, GlassLabel and ImageLoader include rich style that can be easily customized if needed. The UXProgressBar sports Aero-style theme with indeterminate progress animation support.


CallOutProvides a lightweight control for displaying a callout shaped container.
ContentPerspectiveProvides a lightweight control which able to produce a reflection of the given content and give a sense of perspective to both content and its reflection when plane projection is applied (e.g rotation).
ContentProjectorProvides a lightweight control which able to do a plane projection to the content attached to it.
ContentReflectorProvides a lightweight control which able to produce a reflection of the given content.
ContentTransformerRepresents a control that applies transformations to its Content.
ContentTransitionRepresents a control that applies animation transition to its Content.
DockPanelArranges child elements around the edges of the panel.
DownloadProgressRoutedEventArgsProvides data for DownloadProgress event.
DragCompletedEventArgsProvides data for DragCompleted event.
DragDeltaEventArgsProvides data for DragDelta event.
DragStartedEventArgsProvides data for DragStarted event.
EllipsisTextProvides a lightweight control to automatically make ellipsis text when the text size is larger then its container. Furthermore you can enable / disable the custom tooltip that will appear when you mouse over an ellipsis text.
ExceptionRoutedEventArgsProvides data for Exception event.
ExpandableContentPresenterProvides a lightweight expandable content presenter.
ExpandableGroupBoxRepresents an expandable and collapsible group box that hosts a collection of input controls.
FieldLabelRepresents a content control for displaying a field label with a single arbitrary child content.
FlippingBehaviorProvides attached control with flipping animation capability at button click.
GlassButtonProvides a lightweight button control with a glassed themed.
GlassLabelProvides a lightweight glass-themed content control.
GroupBoxRepresents a logical group that hosts a collection of input controls.
ImageLoaderProvides a lightweight control for downloading image with / without download progress bar.
JumpingBehaviorProvides attached control with jumping animation capability at button click.
ScrollEventArgsProvides data for Scroll event.
StylishLabelProvides a lightweight control for displaying a bordered text with or without image.
UXBusyIndicatorRepresents a content control that displays an indicator when busy.
UXCursor_SizeAllDefines UXCursor SizeAll.
UXCursor_SizeNESWDefines UXCursor SizeSW.
UXCursor_SizeNSDefines UXCursor SizeNS.
UXCursor_SizeNWSEDefines UXCursor SizeNWSE.
UXCursor_SizeWEDefines UXCursor SizeWE.
UXItemsControlRepresents a generic control that can host a collection of items.
UXPasswordBoxRepresents a control that designed for entering and handling passwords.
UXPopupRepresents a popup control with intuitive animation and placements.
UXPopUpEventArgsContains state information and event data associated with a ux popup event.
UXPopupManagerUXPopup manager.
UXProgressBarProvides a lightweight control that indicates the progress of an operation.
UXScrollBarRepresents a control that provides a scroll bar that has a sliding Thumb whose position corresponds to a value.
UXScrollViewerRepresents a scrollable area that can contains other visible elements.
UXTextBoxRepresents a control that can display or edit unformatted text.
UXThumbRepresents a control that can be dragged by the user
ValueChangedEventArgsProvides data for ValueChanged event.
ViewboxDefines a content decorator that can stretch and scale a single child to fill the available space.
ViewboxInternalDefines a content decorator that can stretch and scale a single child to fill the available space.
VirtualizingStackPanelRepresents virtualized stack panel.
WrapPanelPositions child elements sequentially from left to right or top to bottom. When elements extend beyond the panel edge, elements are positioned in the next row or column.
ZIndexManagerZIndex Manager.


IContentPerspectiveDefines a reference to its parent (content perspective).
IFluidResizingDefines the members to support the implementation of fluid resizing.


DownloadProgressRoutedEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the DownloadProgress event.
DragCompletedEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the DragCompleted event.
DragDeltaEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the DragDelta event.
DragStartedEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the DragStarted event.
ExceptionRoutedEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the Excpetion event.
ScrollEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the Scroll event of a UXScrollBar.
UXPopupRoutedEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the UXPopup event.
ValueChangedEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the ValueChanged event of a UXScrollViewer.


AnimatePointerModeSpecifies values that control the behavior of UXCallout pointer animation when its repositioned.
AutoMarginTypeSpecifies values that determine the auto margin mechanim in CallOut.
DirectionSpecifies value that identifies direction.
DockFillLogicSpecifies value that determines how DockPanel calculates the fill arrangement for its children.
DockFillModeSpecifies value that identifies the dock fill mode.
EllipsisPositionSpecifies value that determines the ellipsis position of ellipsis text.
EllipsisTooltipModeSpecifies value that determines when tooltip should be shown.
EllipsisTooltipUIModeSpecifies value that determines ellipsis tooltip appearance.
ExpandDirectionSpecifies value that control the expand direction.
FlipModeSpecifies value that control the flip direction.
HeaderPositionSpecifies the header position of a headered content control.
JumpingModeSpecifies value that control the jumping effects.
OverlayTypeSpecifies whether the overlay type should be a Popup or a Grid.
PopupActionSpecifies value that determines popup action.
PopupAnimationSpecifies value that determines display and hide animation.
PopupHorizontalDirectionSpecifies value that determine the popup show direction.
PopupPositionSpecifies value that determines the popup position.
PopupVerticalDirectionSpecifies value that determine the popup show direction.
StretchDirectionDescribes the direction that content is scaled.
TextImageRelationSpecifies the position of the text and image relative to each other on a control.
TransitionConflictModeDescribes the resolution mode when multiple transition is occuring at the same time.
TransitionContentDirectionSpecifies value that describes the content direction to be applied to the transition.
TransitionEffectSpecifies the effect to apply to ContentTransition when the Content changes.
UpdatePositionModeSpecifies UXPopup update position action.
Page: AnimatePointerMode Enumeration Page: AutoMarginType Enumeration Page: CallOut Class Page: ContentPerspective Class Page: ContentProjector Class Page: ContentReflector Class Page: ContentTransformer Class Page: ContentTransition Class Page: Direction Enumeration Page: DockFillLogic Enumeration Page: DockFillMode Enumeration Page: DockPanel Class Page: DownloadProgressRoutedEventArgs Class Page: DownloadProgressRoutedEventHandler Delegate Page: DragCompletedEventArgs Class Page: DragCompletedEventHandler Delegate Page: DragDeltaEventArgs Class Page: DragDeltaEventHandler Delegate Page: DragStartedEventArgs Class Page: DragStartedEventHandler Delegate Page: EllipsisPosition Enumeration Page: EllipsisText Class Page: EllipsisTooltipMode Enumeration Page: EllipsisTooltipUIMode Enumeration Page: ExceptionRoutedEventArgs Class Page: ExceptionRoutedEventHandler Delegate Page: ExpandableContentPresenter Class Page: ExpandableGroupBox Class Page: ExpandCollapseMode Enumeration Page: ExpandDirection Enumeration Page: FieldLabel Class Page: FlipMode Enumeration Page: FlippingBehavior Class Page: GlassButton Class Page: GlassLabel Class Page: GroupBox Class Page: HeaderPosition Enumeration Page: IContentPerspective Interface Page: IFluidResizing Interface Page: ImageLoader Class Page: ImageTransitionMode Enumeration Page: InputMode Enumeration Page: JumpingBehavior Class Page: JumpingMode Enumeration Page: OverlayType Enumeration Page: PopupAction Enumeration Page: PopupAnimation Enumeration Page: PopupHorizontalDirection Enumeration Page: PopupPosition Enumeration Page: PopupVerticalDirection Enumeration Page: ScrollEventArgs Class Page: ScrollEventHandler Delegate Page: StretchDirection Enumeration Page: StylishLabel Class Page: TextImageRelation Enumeration Page: TransitionConflictMode Enumeration Page: TransitionContentDirection Enumeration Page: TransitionEffect Enumeration Page: TransitionStrategy Enumeration Page: UpdatePositionMode Enumeration Page: UXBusyIndicator Class Page: UXCursor_SizeAll Class Page: UXCursor_SizeNESW Class Page: UXCursor_SizeNS Class Page: UXCursor_SizeNWSE Class Page: UXCursor_SizeWE Class Page: UXCursor Class Page: UXCursors Class Page: UXGroupItem Class Page: UXItemsControl Class Page: UXPasswordBox Class Page: UXPopup Class Page: UXPopUpEventArgs Class Page: UXPopupManager Class Page: UXPopupRoutedEventHandler Delegate Page: UXProgressBar Class Page: UXScrollBar Class Page: UXScrollViewer Class Page: UXTextBox Class Page: UXThumb Class Page: ValueChangedEventArgs Class Page: ValueChangedEventHandler Delegate Page: ViewBox Class Page: ViewboxInternal Class Page: VirtualizingStackPanel Class Page: WrapPanel Class Page: ZIndexManager Class