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Some remarks and description about this assembly.


RibbonCommands Provides UXRibbonBar related commands.
RibbonGalleryCommands Provides UXRibbonGalleryList related commands.
TabBarVisibilityConverter Represents a two-way value converter for binding a Visibility property to a GridLength dependency property.
UXRibbonApplicationBackstageMenuItem Represents an application backstage menu item.
UXRibbonApplicationContextMenu Provides a lightweight control for displaying the application context menu in the UXRibbonBar control.
UXRibbonApplicationMenu Provides a button control with dropdown menu functionality.
UXRibbonApplicationMenuItem Represents an application menu item control.
UXRibbonBar Represents a rich Office 2010 style ribbon bar control which contains a collection of tabs, groups and commands.
UXRibbonButton Represents a command button control with various display mode, keyboard support, ribbon size and routed command.
UXRibbonCheckBox Represents a checkbox that user can select and clear.
UXRibbonComboBox Represents a selection control in a drop-down list form.
UXRibbonContextMenu Provides a lightweight control for displaying a context menu in the ribbon control.
UXRibbonContextualTabGroup Represents a contextual tab group that display a collection of commands that are relevant only when users select a particular object type.
UXRibbonContextualTabGroupItemsControl Represents a contextual tab group that display a collection of commands that are relevant only when users select a particular object type.
UXRibbonContextualTabsGroupPanel Represents a panel to rearrage the visible contextual tab.
UXRibbonDropDownButton Provides a button control with dropdown menu functionality.
UXRibbonDropDownButtonBase Provides a button control with dropdown menu functionality.
UXRibbonFieldLabel Represents a content control for displaying a field label with a single arbitrary child content.
UXRibbonGallery Represents a control that displays a collection of related items or Commands in the Ribbon.
UXRibbonGalleryCategory Represents a control that used to specify a category in UXRibbonGallery control.
UXRibbonGalleryItem Represents an item that can be used in UXRibbonGallery control.
UXRibbonGalleryList Represents a control that displays a collection of related items or Commands in the Ribbon. An expand button is provided to display the rest of the collection in a gallery popup panel.
UXRibbonGalleryPanel Represents a panel that is used to rearrange the gallery.
UXRibbonGroupPanel Represents a panel used to rearrange ribbon group with fluent resizing behavior.
UXRibbonKeyTipControl Represents a bubble pop-up control to display key tip information.
UXRibbonKeyTipService Represents a service that is used by UXRibbonKeyTipControl.
UXRibbonMenuItem Represents a menu item control which is used in the UXRibbonBar control.
UXRibbonOrderedPanel Represents a panel used to reorder the items in ribbon control.
UXRibbonQuickAccessToolBar Provides a container for a collection of groups, commands or controls.
UXRibbonRadioButton Represents a radio button control that user can select when clicking it. The selected radio button will automatically clear the other radio buttons within the same GroupName.
UXRibbonSeparator Provides a separator between the buttons in the ribbon control.
UXRibbonSplitButton Provides a button control with command and dropdown menu functionality.
UXRibbonTab Represents a tab item that consist of a header and a collection of group.
UXRibbonTabGroup Represents a collection of tab groups that support fluent interface resizing.
UXRibbonTabGroupBase Represents a base class for ribbon group.
UXRibbonTabGroupSelector Represents a selector used to detect whether the style is for UXRibbonTabGroup or UXRibbonTabOrderedGroup
UXRibbonTabOrderedGroup Represents a collection of group that can be ordered.
UXRibbonTabsPanel Represents a panel used to rearrange the regular tab and contextual tab.
UXRibbonTitlePanel Represents a panel to rearrage the title bar in the ribbon control.
UXRibbonToggleButton Represents a toggle button with three-state check behavior.
UXRibbonToolBarButton Represents a command button used in the QuickAccessToolBar element of the ribbon control.
UXRibbonToolTip Represents a control that creates a pop-up window to display information for elements in the ribbon control.
UXRibbonToolTipService Represents a service for UXRibbonToolTip.
UXRibbonWindow Represents a window interface that provides deep integration with the ribbon control.


IRibbonControl Defines the members required to implement a ribbon control that supports fluent user interface.
IRibbonKeyTipAction Defines the methods to support key tip action.
IRibbonWindow Defines the members required to implement a ribbon window.


ContextualTabSelectionMode Specifies the selection mode for contextual tab group.
RibbonControlSize Specifies the control size in ribbon control.
RibbonGroupSize Specifies the group size in ribbon control.
RibbonKeyTipType Specifies the control type in ribbon key tip.
RibbonToolBarPosition Specifies the toolbar position in ribbon control.
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