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Intersoft ClientUI® includes a vast array of advanced, MVVM-ready input controls to enhance your business applications with sophisticated editing experience, ranging from numericupdown, masked input, currency editor,datetimeeditor, multi-range slider bar, to high-performance file upload control and much more.

Standards-compliance usability features are built into the control architecture of many input controls which includes focus management, keyboard focus visual, and access key. Some input controls support advanced editing behaviors such as in UXMaskedInput, UXDateTimeEditor and UXCurrencyEditor.

UXDateTimePicker features a sleek, innovative user interface leveraging the richness of Silverlight's graphics and animations, allowing users to intuitively select the date from the calendar and tab through the analog clock control to select the time. The UXSliderBar and UXRangeSliderBar controls include many advanced features you need to capture determinate input, allowing users to drag the visual thumb to choose a value.

UXCalendar, UXRating and UXSpinner controls come with professional Aero-style theme equipped with stunning animation. These controls offer advanced features not available in other solutions, such as pixel-based precision in UXRating and multiple month with extended selection mode in UXCalendar.

The UXFileUpload control sports professional file upload interface suitable for business applications, complete with
realtime upload progress animation. It also includes ASP.NET server-side handler that supports smart file chunk and multiple upload worker processes, thus maximizing the upload throughput by two times.


BitmapConverterConverts byte array to Bitmap type.
ByteConverterConverts number to user-friendly bytes string, i.e, KB, MB or GB.
CalendarCommandsProvides Calendar related commands.
ClockCommandsProvides clock related commands.
CustomValidationRepresent a custom validation error.
DateTimeCommandsProvides DateTime related commands.
DateTimeEditorCommandsProvides date and time editor related commands.
FilesUploadEventArgsProvides data for file-related upload event.
FilesUploadingEventArgsProvides data for FilesUploading event.
FilesUploadResponseEventArgsProvides data for FilesUploaded and FilesUploadFailed events.
FileTypeIconRepresents the class that maps Icon based on the given extension.
FileUploadChunkRepresents a chunk data that represents one or more partial files to be uploaded.
FileUploadCustomDataRepresents custom data for file upload.
FileUploadInfoRepresents a file upload data.
FileUploadInfoResponseRepresents the response data of each processed file.
FileUploadPostDataRepresents upload related data that submitted to server during file upload.
FileUploadResponseDataRepresents the response data sent from server.
FileUploadSessionRepresents a file upload session.
FileUploadStateConverterDetermines the file state using localized text based on the FileState property.
IconSourceConverterDetermines the icon source based on the FileTypeIcons property of the UXFileUpload.
IconVisibilityConverterDetermines the icon visibility based on the ShowFileTypeIcon property of the UXFileUpload control.
ProgressBarVisibilityConverterDetermines the progress bar visibility based on the FileUploadState of the file.
SliderCommandsProvides slider bar related commands.
SliderOptionProvides slider option for slider bar.
StatusTextConverterDetermines the status text based on the given values.
SuccessVisibilityConverterDetermines the success icon visibility based on FileUploadState of the file.
UpDownCommandsProvides updownbase related commands.
UploadCancelledEventArgsProvides data for UploadCancelled event.
UploadCommandsProvides file uploading related commands.
UploadCompletedEventArgsProvides data for UploadCompleted event.
UploadEventArgsProvides data for common uploading event.
UploadEventsProvides routed events for UXFileUpload.
UploadProgressEventArgsProvides data for UploadProgress event.
UploadValidationEventArgsProvides data for UploadValidation event.
UXButtonSpinnerRepresents a spinner control that includes two Buttons.
UXCalendarRepresents a control that enables a user to select a date by using a visual calendar display.
UXCalendarButtonRepresents a button control that construct the UXCalendar.
UXCalendarDayButtonRepresents a button control that construct the calendar when the calendar is displayed in month.
UXCalendarDayNameRepresents a button control to display the day name in UXCalendar.
UXCalendarDisplayModeChangedEventArgsProvides data for the Intersoft.Client.UI.Aqua.UXInput.UXCalendar.DisplayMode changed event.
UXCalendarEventItemRepresents the item for Events in calendar.
UXCalendarEventsCollectionRepresents an observable collection of event item.
UXCalendarItemRepresents the currently displayed month or year on a UXCalendar.
UXCalendarSelectedDateChangedEventArgsProvides data for the Intersoft.Client.UI.Aqua.UXInput.UXCalendar.SelectedDate changed event.
UXCalendarSelectedDatesCollectionRepresents a set of selected dates in a UXCalendar.
UXCalendarWeekNumberRepresents a control of the week number in UXCalendar.
UXClipperClips a ratio and expand of its content.
UXClockProvides a lightweight analog clock to display and editing time.
UXClockHandBaseProvides an asbtraction for UXClockHand control.
UXClockHourHandRepresents hours hand in UXClock control.
UXClockLongMarkerRepresents long marker in UXClock control.
UXClockMarkerBaseProvides an asbtraction for marker control.
UXClockMinuteHandRepresents mintes hand in UXClock control.
UXClockSecondHandRepresents seconds hand in UXClock control.
UXClockShortMarkerRepresents short marker in UXClock control.
UXCurrencyEditorRepresents a masked textbox control that accepts standard and custom numeric .NET format.
UXDateTimeEditorRepresents a masked textbox control that accepts standard and custom DateTime .NET format.
UXDateTimePickerRepresents an input control to capture the date and time value featuring a rich editor that consisted of calendar and visual clock.
UXDateTimeUpDownRepresents a control that enables single value selection from a datetime values through a UXSpinner and UXTextBox.
UXDomainUpDownRepresents a control that enables single value selection from a domain of values through a UXSpinner and UXTextBox.
UXDomainUpDownPanelRepresents a uxdomainupdown panel
UXFileUploadA high-performance file uploading control with an innovative user interface and strong MVVM support.
UXFileUploadItemRepresents a control that displays file upload item.
UXFileUploadResourceRepresents the localized string resource used in UXFileUpload.
UXMaskedInputRepresents a masked textbox control that accepts MaskedEdit .NET format.
UXMaskedInputBaseRepresents a base class masked textbox control.
UXMaskedInputErrorEventArgsProvides data for the UXMaskedInput.Error event.
UXMaskedInputGenericBase<T>Represents a base class masked textbox control which has a generic value.
UXMaskedInputValueChangedEventArgsProvides data for the UXMaskedInput.ValueChanged event.
UXNumericUpDownRepresents a control that enables single value selection from a numeric range of values through a UXSpinner and UXTextBox.
UXRangeSliderBarRepresents a control that allows user to select a value within a specific range by moving two UXThumb controls along a track.
UXRatingRepresents a control that allows user to select rating item by click on the item.
UXRatingCommandsProvides UXRating related commands.
UXRatingItemAn item used in a uxrating control.
UXRatingPanelArrages child for rating item into a single line that can be oriendted horizontally or vertically and also can be reversed.
UXSliderBarRepresents a control that allows user to select from a range of values by moving UXThumb control along a track.
UXSliderBarBaseRepresents a base control that allows user to select from a range of values by moving UXThumb controls along a track.
UXSpinnerRepresents a spinner control that includes two Buttons.
UXSpinnerSpinEventArgsProvides data for the Intersoft.Client.UI.Aqua.UXInput.UXSpinner.Spin event.
UXTickBarRepresents a control that draws a set of tick bar items.
UXTickBarItemRepresents a control that draws a tick bar item for tick bar control.
UXTickBarItemCollectionRepresents an observable collection of tick bar item.
UXTickBarPanelRepresents a panel control that contains a collection of tick bar items.
UXUpDownBaseBase class for all controls that provide value manipulation with a UXSpinner and a text box using control.
UXUpDownBase<T>Base class for all controls that provide value manipulation with a UXSpinner and a text box using control.
UXUpDownItemsBaseBase class for all controls that provide value manipulation with a UXSpinner and a text box using item control.
UXUpDownItemsBase<T>Base class for all controls that provide value manipulation with a UXSpinner and a text box using item control.
UXUpDownParseErrorEventArgsProvides data for the UXUpDownBase.ParseError event.
WarningVisibilityConverterDetermines the warning icon visibility based on FileUploadState of the file.


FilesUploadEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the FilesAdded, FilesRemoved and FilesUploadProgressChanged event.
FilesUploadingEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the FilesUploading event.
FilesUploadResponseEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the FilesUploaded and FilesUploadFailed event.
UploadCancelledEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the UploadCancelled event.
UploadCompletedEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the UploadCompleted event.
UploadEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the UploadStarted event.
UploadProgressChangedEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the UplaodProgressChanged event.
UploadValidationEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the UploadValidationError event.
UXCalendarDisplayModeChangedEventHandlerRepresents the methods that will handle Intersoft.Client.UI.Aqua.UXInput.UXCalendar.DisplayModeChanged event.
UXCalendarSelectedDateChangedEventHandlerRepresents the methods that will handle Intersoft.Client.UI.Aqua.UXInput.UXCalendar.SelectedDate event.
UXMaskedInputErrorEventHandlerRepresents the methods that will handle Intersoft.Client.UI.Aqua.UXInput.UXMaskInputBase.Error event.
UXMaskedInputValueChangedEventHandlerRepresents the methods that will handle Intersoft.Client.UI.Aqua.UXInput.UXMaskInputBase.ValueChanged event.
UXSpinnerSpinEventHandlerRepresents the methods that will handle Intersoft.Client.UI.Aqua.UXInput.UXSpinner.Spin event.
UXUpDownParseErrorHandlerRepresents the methods that will handle ParseError event.


CalendarDisplayModeSpecifies whether a UXCalendar displays a month, year, decade, or century
CalendarEventTypeRepresents the event type from the calendar event.
CalendarSelectionModeSpecifies whether a single or multiple dates can be selected in a UXCalendar.
ClockEditingModeSpecifies the editing mode for UXClock control.
ClockTickingModeSpecifies the ticking mode for UXClock control when AutoUpdate property is set to True.
ClockValueModeSpecifies the value changed behavior for UXClock.
DateTimePickerEditorModeRepresents the editor mode of date time picker.
ExpandDirectionSpecifies the expand direction behavior in UXRating control. System.Windows.Controls.Expander control opens.
InvalidInputActionDetermines the behavior of a DomainUpDown control when a user sets a value not included in the domain.
LeftRightAlignmentRepresents alignment for the spinner button.
MaskDateTimeSpinModeRepresents UXDateTimeEditor spin behavior option.
MaskDisplayModeRepresents UXMaskedInput display mode option.
MaskTokenTypeRepresents internal token type used in MaskedInput internal processing.
PointerPositionSpecifies the pointer position of tick bar.
PrecisionModeSpecifies the precision mode of the selection behavior in UXRating control.
SelectionModeSpecifies the selection mode of the item selection behavior in UXRating control.
SpinDirectionRepresents spin directions that could be initiated by the end-user.
TargetThumbSpecifies the target thumb in slider bar.
TickPlacementSpecifies the position of tick marks in slider bar.
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