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Intersoft ClientUI brings application development to the next level with innovative multimedia controls such as UXFlow and VideoPlayer.

The UXFlow control lets you create stunning presentation in the fashion of true 3D perspective which produces identical result across Silverlight and WPF platform. Its new high-performance flowing algorithm delivers ultra smooth animation, even when you have relatively large items to show.

Use VideoPlayer when your application needs a standalone, streaming media playback equipped with complete playback control panel. The VideoPlayer sports an elegant, glossy black theme that suits your next-generation media application.


UXFlowRepresents a coverflow control (UXFlow).
UXFlowControlPanelRepresents a UXFlow's control panel.
UXFlowControlPanelButtonRepresents a UXFlow's control panel button.
UXFlowItemRepresents a coverflow item control (UXFlowItem).
UXFlowPanelRepresents a uxflow panel.
VideoPlayerProvides a lightweight control to display a video complete with its player.
VideoPlayerButtonProvides a lightweight control for video player button.


DownloadModeSpecifies value that control how the video download should be perform.
MediaTypeSpecifies values for UXFlowItem's media type.
PerspectiveModeSpecifies values that controls the UXFlow visual effect mode.
StartPositionSpecifies values that controls the start position when the UXFlow is loaded.
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