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Intersoft ClientUI includes cutting-edge navigation controls that allow you rapidly create compelling and commercial-class user experiences on the Silverlight and WPF platform.

In this release, ClientUI ships with two version of dock navigation controls, UXDock and UXDesktopDock. The UXDock control is used for multi-purpose navigation control such as navigating to a particular page when the dock button is clicked. On the other hand, the UXDesktopDock control is used for windowing and application integration, which is an ideal solution for multiple document interface (MDI) and composite applications.

The UXDesktopDock contains all features available in UXDock, and extends it with more features for integration with UXDesktop and UXWindow. To learn more about the integration features, see Advanced Window Features.


UXDesktopDockRepresents a Dock-style taskbar interface that can be used to manage windows in UXDesktop.
UXDesktopDockButtonRepresents a dock navigation button that can be used to launch application and connect to a window in UXDesktop.
UXDockRepresents a dock navigation control.
UXDockButtonRepresents a dock button.
UXDockSeparatorRepresents a separator control that can be hosted in UXDock, or used independently.


IZoomDefines data members that belongs to IZoom mechanism.


BackgroundBehaviorSpecifes value that controls the background behavior of UXDock.
BackgroundModeSpecifies values that controls the background mode for UXDock.
ContainerItemTypeSpecifies value that determines the container type.
JumpingDirectionSpecifies value that determine the jumping direction/
LoadingAnimationSpecifies value that controls the loading animation.
SearchFlagsSpecifies flags that control the way in which the search for UXDesktopDockButton is conducted by UXDesktopDock component.
SeparatorModeSpecifies values that determines the position of separator.
TooltipModeSpecifies values that determines the tooltip behavior of UXDockButton.
ZoomBoundaryModeSpecifies values that determines the zoom boundary mode of UXDock.
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