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Intersoft ClientUI includes a comprehensive bar controls for menu and commands interface that essential in a rich business application, ranging from context menu, menu bar, tool bar, tool group, dropdown and split buttons, separator and much more.

The bar and menu control lineups are built with elegant architecture in which the children items such as menu item can be consistently used in various containers such as UXDropDownButton, UXSplitButton, UXToolBarButton, UXMenuBar, UXContextMenu and other menu-related controls. With full support for routed command and MVVM binding through delegate command, the ClientUI's ToolBar and Menu controls provide robust commanding solution that works consistently throughout your application interface.


ContextMenuServiceContext menu service.
OverflowItemChangedEventArgsProvides data for OverflowItemChanged event.
OverflowItemChangingEventArgsProvides data for OverflowItemChanging event.
UICommandsRepresents the class that provides UI-related commands.
UXAutoFitDockPanelProvides an advanced dock panel that supports autofit layout.
UXAutoFitStackPanelProvides an advanced stack panel that supports autofit layout.
UXButtonRepresents a command button control with various display mode, keyboard support and routed command.
UXButtonItemsProvides abstract class for uxbutton that have collection of items.
UXCallOutProvides a lightweight control for displaying a callout shaped container to the attached element.
UXCheckBoxRepresents a checkbox that user can select and clear.
UXContextMenuProvides a lightweight control for displaying a context menu to the attached element.
UXDockTrayProvides a container for a group of toolbars or menubars with support for horizontal and vertical orientation.
UXDropDownButtonProvides a lightweight drop down button control.
UXFlatButtonRepresents a flat-style command button control with customizable display mode, keyboard support and routed command.
UXFlatRepeatButtonRepresents a flat-style button control supporting repeat behavior on mouse or keyboard gesture with customizable display mode, keyboard support and routed command.
UXFlatToggleButtonRepresents a flat-style button control supporting toggle behavior with customizable display mode, keyboard support and routed command.
UXFluidContainerRepresents a content control that can automatically adapt its size when the content changes.
UXHyperlinkButtonRepresents a hyperlink-style button for page navigation.
UXMenuProvides a lightweight control for displaying a menu to the attached element.
UXMenuBarProvides a lightweight menu bar control.
UXMenuBarStyleSelectorProvides a style selector for UXMenuBar.
UXMenuBaseProvides abstraction for uxmenu controls.
UXMenuItemRepresents menu item control.
UXNavigationButtonRepresents a navigation button for page navigation.
UXOverflowStackPanelProvides an advanced stack panel that supports overflow layout.
UXRadioButtonRepresents a radio button control that user can select when clicking it. The selected radio button will automatically clear the other radio buttons within the same GroupName.
UXRepeatButtonRepresents a button control supporting repeat behavior on mouse or keyboard gesture with customizable display mode, keyboard support and routed command.
UXResizablePaneRepresents a resizable and expandable/collapsible content control that can be used to host any UI elements.
UXScrollerProvides a lightweight control for scrolling a content.
UXSeparatorRepresents a separator control that can be hosted in ToolBar, Button or used independently. It supports horizontal and vertical orientation.
UXSplitButtonProvides a lightweight split button control.
UXStatusBarRepresents a multi-purpose status bar that hosts a collection of UXStatusBarItem.
UXStatusBarItemRepresents a status bar item that host any type of elements, which is generally used within UXStatusBar control.
UXToggleButtonRepresents a toggle button with three-state check behavior.
UXToolBarProvides a container for a collection of groups, commands or controls.
UXToolBarButtonRepresents a button control that can be hosted in ToolBar or ToolGroup. Supports various display mode and button type for easy configuration.
UXToolBarButtonStyleSelectorRepresents the container style selector class for UXToolBarButton.
UXToolGroupRepresents a container that hosts a group of commands or controls, which can be used with toolbar or standalone.
VisualStateChangedEventArgsProvides data for VisualStateChanged event.


IMenuDefines data members that belongs to menu control.


AccessKeyVisibilitySpecifies values that determines the access key visibility.
ButtonTypeDetermines the button type of ToolBarButton.
CollapseActionSpecifies values that determines the collapse action of an expandable/collapsible control.
DockAutoFitModeDetermines how the DockPanel should perform the auto sizing.
DockPlacementDetermines the control placement in a Dock control.
FlatStyleModeDetermines the predefined appearance of a control.
MenuItemTypeSpecifies values that determine the type of UXMenuItem.
OverflowActionDetermines the action being performed by overflow panel.
OverflowDisplayVisibilityDetermines how the overflow visual element should be displayed.
OverflowModeDetermines how an item should be displayed when overflow.
ScrollModeSpecifies value that determine the scroll mode of UXScroller.
StackArcDirectionSpecifies value that determine the stack arc direction.
StackGridModeSpecifies value that determine the stack button's grid mode.
StackModeSpecifies value that determine the stack button mode.
TextPositionSpecifies values that determines the text position of UXDockStackButton whern StackMode is set to ArcStyle.
ThumbResizeModeSpecifies values that determines the resizing mode of the corner thumb.
Page: AccessKeyVisibility Enumeration Page: ButtonType Enumeration Page: CollapseAction Enumeration Page: ContextMenuService Class Page: DockAutoFitMode Enumeration Page: DockPlacement Enumeration Page: DockToCursorConverter Class Page: FlatStyleMode Enumeration Page: IMenu Interface Page: MenuItemType Enumeration Page: OverflowAction Enumeration Page: OverflowDisplayVisibility Enumeration Page: OverflowItemChangedEventArgs Class Page: OverflowItemChangingEventArgs Class Page: OverflowMode Enumeration Page: PoweredByAttribute Class - Aqua Page: ScrollMode Enumeration Page: StackArcDirection Enumeration Page: StackGridMode Enumeration Page: StackMode Enumeration Page: TextPosition Enumeration Page: ThumbResizeMode Enumeration Page: UICommands Class Page: UXAutoFitDockPanel Class Page: UXAutoFitStackPanel Class Page: UXButton Class Page: UXButtonItems Class Page: UXCallOut Class Page: UXCheckBox Class Page: UXContextMenu Class Page: UXDockTray Class Page: UXDropDownButton Class Page: UXFlatButton Class Page: UXFlatRepeatButton Class Page: UXFlatToggleButton Class Page: UXFluidContainer Class Page: UXHyperlinkButton Class Page: UXMenuBar Class Page: UXMenuBarStyleSelector Class Page: UXMenuBase Class Page: UXMenu Class Page: UXMenuItem Class Page: UXNavigationButton Class Page: UXOverflowStackPanel Class Page: UXRadioButton Class Page: UXRepeatButton Class Page: UXResizablePane Class Page: UXScroller Class Page: UXSeparator Class Page: UXSplitButton Class Page: UXStatusBar Class Page: UXStatusBarItem Class Page: UXToggleButton Class Page: UXToolBarButton Class Page: UXToolBarButtonStyleSelector Class Page: UXToolBar Class Page: UXToolGroup Class Page: VisualStateChangedEventArgs Class