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Some remarks and description about this assembly.


AddOperator Implementation of "add" operator.
AndOperator Implementation of "and" operator.
BaseAssemblyManager Represents the default implementation of IAssemblyManager.
ConditionalAndOperator Implementation of "conditional and" operator.
ConditionalOrOperator Implementation of "conditional or" operator.
DefaultObjectBinding Represents the default object binder used by scripting runtime engine.
DivOperator Implementation of div operator.
EqualsOperator Implementation of "equals" operator.
EventBroker Manages event subscriptions from the script.
EventScopeActivator Represents the activator for event scope.
Expando Represents the default implementation of Expando object via IScriptable interface.
ExpandoWrapper Represents wrapper for expando object which allows creation of new fields and access members for inner object. Note that the ExpandoWrapper does not support generic methods.
FunctionScopeActivator Represents the default activator for a FunctionScope.
GreaterOperator Implementation of "greater" operator.
GreaterOrEqualsOperator Implementation of "greater or equals" operator.
HandleOperatorArgs Is a class containing information for operator handlers
IsOperator Implementation of is operator.
LessOperator Implementation of "less" operator.
LessOrEqualsOperator Implementation of less-equal operator.
LocalScopeActivator Represents activator for event scope.
MemberRename Scriptable object that can be used to rename properties from the given instance
ModOperator Implementation of mod operator.
MulOperator Implementation of multiplication operator
NegateOperator1 Implementation of negate operator.
NegateOperator2 Implementation of negate operator
NegateOperator3 Implementation of negate operator
NotEqualsOperator Implementation of not equals operator
ObjectActivator Represents the base implementation of IObjectActivator interface. The default ObjectActivator is used by the scripting runtime engine to create the object instances from the script.
OperatorDefinition Represents single Operator node in script configuration
OrOperator Implementation of "or" operator.
PowOperator Implementation of power operator
PromoteAttribute Indicates members and classes which could participate in binding procedure during script execution.
Reference Represents single Reference node in script configuration
ReferencingEventArgs Represents the event data for !:Referencing event.
ScopeDefinition Represents single Scope node in script configuration
ScopeFactory Represents the default implementation of IScopeFactory which is responsible to create instances of the defined scope types.
Script Represents a compiled script and defines the members to perform script compilation and invocation
ScriptConfiguration Xml Serializable configuration data class
ScriptContext Represents a script context which contains runtime information during script execution.
ScriptEventException Represents an error that occurred during event processing.
ScriptException Represents an error that occurred during script execution.
ScriptExecutionException Represents an error that occurred during script execution.
ScriptHost Represents the scripting core engine that runs on the current host.
ScriptItemNameNotFoundException Represents an exception which is thrown when the given name of variable, function, or namespace was not found.
ScriptMethodNotFoundException Represents an error that occurred when method was not found.
ScriptRuntimeException Represents an error that occurred in runtime engine or due to its invalid behaviors.
ScriptScopeActivator Represents the default scope activator.
ScriptSyntaxErrorException Represents an error caused by invalid script syntax.
ScriptVerificationException Represents an error that occurred during run-time verification of the script.
SettingXml Represents single Setting Item node in script configuration
SubOperator Implementation of "sub" operator.
TypeXml Represents single Type node in script configuration


IBinding Represents a result of binding to an object or a type.
IMemberBinding Represents the result of binding to a property, field or event of an object.
INotifyingScope Scopes implementing this interface should raise change events.
IObjectActivator Defines the members to provide the capability to create instances by given type information.
IObjectBinding Defines the members to support object binding which is used to bind arguments to indexers, constructors, methods or interfaces.
IOperator Base interface for all Operators
IOperatorHandler Handle operator execution. Objects implementing this interface may provide custom implementation for standard operators. Operator handlers may be registered through RuntimeHost
IScopeActivator Defines the methods to create an instance of script scope.
IScopeFactory Defines the methods that provide type registration and scope creation.
IScriptable Define the members to support a scriptable instance.
IScriptContext Defines the members to implement a script context which contains runtime information during script execution.
IScriptInvoke Defines methods to support object implementation that may be called from the script just like the usual functions.
IScriptScope Defnes the members to implement a script scope. Scopes are used to store variables, types and functions.
ISupportAssign Defines members to support object that will participate in strong assignment (:=) operator.



ContextFlags Represents the context state flags
ScopeTypes Represents the scope types
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