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Some remarks and description about this assembly.


AlwaysNewLifetime A Lifetime Manager that always returns a new instance.
ApplicationActivityDetailsEventArgs Provides data for ApplicationActivityDetails event.
ApplicationActivityEventArgs Provides data for ApplicationActivity event.
ApplicationDownloadCancelledEventArgs Provides data for ApplicationDownloadCancel event.
ApplicationDownloadFailedEventArgs Provides data for ApplicationDownloadFailed event.
ApplicationDownloadingEventArgs Provides data for ApplicationDownloading event.
ApplicationEventArgs Provides data for Application event.
ApplicationEvents Provides application-related routed events
ApplicationInstallFailedEventArgs Provides data for ApplicationInstallFailed event.
ApplicationLaunchEventArgs Provides data for the ApplicationLaunchEventArgs events.
ApplicationLaunchFailedEventArgs Provides data for the ApplicationLaunchFailedEventArgs events.
ApplicationLaunchProgressEventArgs Provides data for the ApplicationLaunchProgressEventArgs events.
AuthenticatingEventArgs Provides data for Authenticating event.
AuthenticationEventArgs Provides data for the common authentication events.
AuthenticationEvents Represents authentication-related routed events.
BackgroundEventSubscription<TPayload> Extends EventSubscription<TPayload> to invoke the EventSubscription<TPayload> delegate in a background thread.
BindingCollection Represents a collection of System.Windows.Data.Binding objects.
BindingDescriptor Describes the members for binding operation in BindingFramework.
BindingDescriptors Describes a collection of BindingDescriptor objects attached to a single framework element.
BindingFramework Intersoft binding framework for relative source and property binding capability in Silverlight platform.
BindingProxy Represents a proxy class that contains a single property to hold the Value output as the result of data binding.
CanExecuteRoutedEventArgs Provides data for the CanExecute and PreviewCanExecute routed events.
CanQueryStatusRoutedEventArgs Provides data for the CanQueryStatus routed event.
CharTypeConverter Represents a converter for char data type.
ClientUIProductInfo Provides a product information for Intersoft Client UI.
CommandReference Provides a reference to Command object for Binding purpose.
CommandUIData Provides UI data related to command.
ContainerLifetime A lifetime manager that scopes the lifetime of created instances to the lifetime of the container.
ContainerStyle Represents the container style to be used in the ContainerStyles.
ContainerStyles Represents a collection of container styles.
ContainerStyleSelector Represents a container style selector class which is used to select a style based on type.
ContentChangedRoutedEventArgs Provides data for ContentChanged event.
ContentControlRegionAdapter Represents a region adapter for content controls.
CornerRadiusConverter Converts a CornerRadius instance to new dimension according to the mode specified in the parameter.
DataBinding Intersoft's data binding extension.
DataBoundRoutedEventArgs Provides data for DataBound event.
DataEventArgs<TData> Represents a generic class which passes a simple object to the event handlers.
DataFilterCommands Provides data filter related commands.
DataProvider Provides methods to work with data objects and entities.
DataTemplateSelector Provides a way to choose a DataTemplate based on the data object and the data-bound element.
DataViewCommands Provides data view related commands.
DateTimeHelper Provides helper methods for date time operation.
DateTimeTypeConverter Represents a converter for DateTime data type.
DelegateCommand Defines a command that implements ICommand which passes CanExecute and Executed as delegated method. The DelegateCommand is commonly used in M-V-VM pattern application development.
DelegateCommand<T> Defines a command that implements ICommand which passes CanExecute and Executed as delegated method. The DelegateCommand is commonly used in M-V-VM pattern application development.
DelegateEvent<TPayload> Defines a generic class that manages publication and subscription to events.
DelegateEventBase Represents the base class used to publish and subscribe to events.
DelegateReference Represents a reference to a System.Delegate that may contain a System.WeakReference to the target.
DoubleClickManager Provides static methods related to double click action.
DownloadCancelledEventArgs Provides data for DownloadCancelled event.
DownloadCompletedEventArgs Provides data for DownloadCompleted event.
Downloader Provides a downloader class that utilize WebClient to download any kind of resource from the web.
DownloadEventArgs Provides data for Download event.
DownloadFailedEventArgs Provides data for DownloadFailed event.
DownloadProgressEventArgs Provides data for DownloadProgress event.
ElementNameBindingProxy Represents a binding proxy that supports ElementName binding.
EventAggregator Represents a class that serves as the hub/aggregator for events messaging.
EventSubscription<TPayload> Provides a way to retrieve a System.Delegate to execute an action depending on the value of a second filter predicate that returns true if the action should execute.
ExecutedRoutedEventArgs Provides data for the Executed and PreviewExecuted routed events.
FrameworkElementExtensions Framework Element extension methods.
GroupStyle Defines how you want the group to look at each level.
Guard Framework helper.
HeaderedItemsControl Represents a control that contains a collection of items and a header.
HierarchicalDataTemplate Represents a DataTemplate that supports hierarchical objects.
HybridDelegateCommand Defines a command that implements ICommand which passes CanExecute and Executed as delegated method, and also provides basic UI data such as Text, Image and NoExecuteBehavior which can be used as binding source in the View. The DelegateCommand is commonly used in M-V-VM pattern application development.
IocContainer Represents the ClientUI built-in implementation of IDependencyContainer. This class implements the IDependencyRegistrar and IDependencyResolver, along with the IContainerFluent and IDisposable interfaces. The container is thread safe.
ISBehavior<T> Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Client UI behaviors
ISBindingContainer Represents a framework element class that based on panel used for binding container.
ISButton Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Button controls
ISContentControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Content controls.
ISControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft controls.
ISCursor Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Cursor controls.
ISDocumentViewerPanelBase Represents a virtualizing panel which implements scroll info.
ISFocusManager Provides a set of static methods, attached properties, and events for determining and setting focus scopes and for setting the focused element within the scope.
ISFramework Represents the framework infrastructure of a ClientUI control.
ISHeaderedContentControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Headered Content controls.
ISHeaderedHierarchicalMultipleSelectionControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Headered Hierarchical Multiple Selection controls.
ISHeaderedHierarchicalSelectionControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Headered Hierarchical Selection controls.
ISHeaderedItemsControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Headered Items controls.
ISHeaderedSelectionControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Headered Selection controls.
ISHeaderedSelectionItemControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Headered Selection Item.
ISHierarchicalMultipleSelectionControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Hierarchical Multiple Selection controls.
ISHierarchicalSelectionControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Hierarchical Selection controls.
ISItemsControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Items Collection controls.
ISMultipleSelectionControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Multiple Selection controls.
ISPanel Serves as the base class for all Intersoft panels.
ISPasswordBox Serves as the base class for all Intersoft TextBox controls.
ISPopup Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Popup controls.
ISRangeControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Range controls.
ISRoutedEventArgs Contains state information and event data associated with a routed event.
ISSelectionControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Selection controls.
ISSelectionItemControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Selection Item controls.
ISTextBox Serves as the base class for all Intersoft TextBox controls.
ISVirtualizingPanel Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Virtualizing panels.
ItemsControlHelper The ItemContainerGenerator provides useful utilities for ItemsControls.
ItemsControlRegionAdapter Represents a region adapter for items controls.
JavaScript Provides utility class related to javascript.
JsonSerializer Provides helper methods to serialize data to JSON format, and deserialize a JSON string back to specified type.
KeyboardFocusChangedEventArgs Provides data for KeyboardFocusChanged event.
KeyEventArgs Provides data for Key event.
LengthConverter Converts instances of other types to and from instances of a double that represent an object measurement such as a height or width.
LocalizationConverter Converts one or more values to be formatted using the text specified in localization manager, which can be bound to a dependency property.
LocalizationManager Provides static properties and instance methods to manage and work with localized resource.
LongTypeConverter Converts an instance of number type to a long type.
Mouse Provides event management for mouse operations, including mouse-related routed events and functions.
MouseButtonEventArgs Provides data for MouseButton event.
MouseEventArgs Provides data for Mouse event.
MouseWheelEventArgs Provides data for MouseWheel event.
MultiBinding Describes a collection of System.Windows.Data.Binding objects attached to a single binding target property.
MultiBindings Describes a collection of MultiBinding objects attached to a single framework element.
NavigableViewPartAttribute Represents the attribute to define a navigable view part.
NavigationOptions Provides basic options for navigation.
NetworkConnectivityEventArgs Provides data for NetworkConnectivity event.
NonSerializableAttribute Represents a class for non serializable attributes.
NotAuthorizedException Represents the exception that occured due to insufficient permission or unauthorized access.
ObservableResource<T> Represents an observable resource which automatically updates UI elements when the value of its resource has changed.
PackageDownloadedEventArgs Provides data for PackageDownloaded event.
ProductInfo Provides information about the product.
PropertyBinding Describes the members for property binding operation in BindingFramework.
QueryStatusRoutedEventArgs Provides data for the QueryStatus routed event.
Region Implementation of IRegion that enables view composition and activation, as well as views management in loosely-coupled fashion.
RegionAdapter Provides services for region adapter such as registration and unregistration.
RegionAdapterBase<T> Represents the base class to facilitate the creation of IRegionAdapter implementations.
RegionManager Represents an implementation of IRegionManager which is responsible to manage the collection of regions, as well as attaching and releasing regions to controls.
RegionManagerService Provides the methods to maintain the region manager.
RelativeBinding Represents a Binding class that supports RelativeSource in Silverlight 3, Silverlight 4 and WPF.
RequestingAuthenticationEventArgs Provides data for RequestingAuthentication event.
Resources Provides helper methods related to retrieving resources from assemblies.
RoutedCommand Defines a command that implements ICommand and is routed through the element tree.
ScreenStateChangedEventArgs Provides data for ScreenStateChanged event.
SelectionChangedEventArgs Provides data for SelectionChanged event.
SelectionControlRegionAdapter Represents a region adapter for selection controls.
SerializableAttribute Represents a class for serializable attributes.
SizeTypeConverter Converts a string value to Size object.
StoryboardManager Provides helper methods related initializing a storyboard.
StyleSelector Provides a style selector.
SubscriptionToken Subscription token returned from DelegateEventBase on subscribe.
SystemEventArgs Provides data for System event.
ThreadLocalStorageLifetime A LifetimeManager that uses Thread Local Storage to cache instances.
TimeSpanTypeConverter Converts a string value to TimeSpan object.
TransformInfo Provides class definition for transform information. Used in drag drop transformation approach.
TraverseEventArg Provides details for child traversing
UIMetadataAttribute Represents an attribute to describe common user interface properties.
UriTypeMappingEventArgs Represents the event argument data for mapping an URI to a type.
Utility Provides helper methods for basic and general purposes for building silverlight controls or applications. This class cannot be inherited.
UXShell Represents a shell component that manages an application's life cycle and provides core architecture to dispatch external content.
ViewDiscoveryProvider Represents the built-in view discovery implementation for the ClientUI region framework.
ViewMetadata Represents a metadata class that describes a view.
ViewMetadataAttribute Represents an attribute to provide additional data to a view.
ViewPartAttribute Represents an attribute that can be used to define a view part.
ViewSortHintAttribute Provides a hint that affects how the view will be sorted.
VisibilityConverter Represents a two-way value converter for binding a boolean property to a Visibility dependency property.
VisualStateSelector Provides a visual state selector.
WeakAction Represents a weak action, which references an action while still allowing the owner of the action to be reclaimed by garbage collection.
WeakAction<T> Represents a generic weak action, which references an action while still allowing the owner of the action to be reclaimed by garbage collection.
WeakEventListener<TInstance, TSource, TEventArgs> Implements a weak event listener that allows the owner to be garbage collected if its only remaining link is an event handler.
WindowActivationEventArgs Provides data for WindowReactivated event.
WindowContextMenuEventArgs Provides data for WindowContextMenu event.
WindowEventArgs Provides data for common window events such as Opening, Closing, Activated and more.
WindowEvents Provides the common events for window and window-related operations.
WindowOperationEventArgs Provides data for operation-related window events such as WindowStateChanging and WindowStateChanged event.
WindowOptions Provides basic settings for window creation. This class is derived from DependencyObject to support XAML data binding in styles and templates.
WindowStateData Provides data and state for window.



IApplicationHost Defines the properties, method and events required for an application host.
IApplicationInitializer Defines the members that support initializer when the application is loaded to the domain.
IAuthenticationHost Defines the properties required by a navigation host to support basic credential authentication.
IContainerFluent Defines the fluent interface that can be used to configure the container.
IControl Defines data members that belongs to Intersoft Client UI Control.
IDelegateReference Represents a reference to a System.Delegate.
IDependencyContainer Defines the members required to implement a dependency container. This is only a marker interface that represents the interface requirement of IDependencyRegistrar and IDependencyResolver.
IDependencyRegistrar Defines the methods used to manage Registration of functions or instances which will be used to resolve instances of specified types, either without or without a distinguishing name.
IDependencyResolver Defines the container members required to resolve instances by specified type and name.
IEventAggregator Defines the methods required in event aggregator implementation.
IEventSubscription Defines the members to implement an event subscription.
IFramework Defines data members that belongs to Intersoft Client UI Framework.
ILicensing Defines data members that belongs to Intersoft Client UI Licensing.
ILifetimeManager Defines the functionality for Lifetime Managers. Implementation should instantiate an instance store and use the Registration's Key property to index the data in the store. This allows one lifetime manager to service multiple Registrations.
IModalWindow Provides the properties, methods and events to support modal window implementation.
IMultipleSelection Defines data members that belongs to multiple selection control.
IMultiValueConverter Provides a way to apply custom logic in a MultiBinding.
INavigationHost Defines the properties required to implement a navigation host.
INavigationSource Provides the common properties to support navigation.
INavigationState Defines the common methods to support navigation state.
IObservableResource Defines the properties and methods to support an observable resource implementation.
IRegion Defines the members to support region implementation used to compose views.
IRegionAdapter Defines an interfaces to adapt an object and bind it to a new IRegion.
IRegionCollection Defines a collection of IRegion uniquely identified by their Name.
IRegionManager Defines an interface to manage a set of IRegion and to attach regions to objects (typically UI controls).
IRegistration Defines the members to support registering a type in the container.
ISelection Defines data members that belongs to selection control.
ISelectionItem Defines data members that belongs to selection item control.
IShellManager Provides the methods used to handle event notifications raised from an UXShell object.
ISupportActivation Defines the members to support view activation when registered within a region.
ISupportAuthentication Provides properties to support authentication in a content control that can be navigated such as UXPage.
ITaskBar Provides the common properties and methods for UI controls to support task bar integration with UXDesktop component.
ITransformInfo Provides interface for transformable architecture.
IViewDiscoveryProvider Defines the members required to implement a discovery provider.
IViewPart Defines the members required to implement a view part.
IWindow Provides the properties, methods and events to support IWindow implementation.
IWindowHost Defines the properties to support IWindow host.


ApplicationLaunchEventHandler Represents the method that will handle ApplicationLaunch events.
ApplicationLaunchFailedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle ApplicationLaunchFailed events.
ApplicationLaunchProgressEventHandler Represents the method that will handle ApplicationDownloadProgress events.
AuthenticatingEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the Authenticating events.
AuthenticationEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the Authentication events.
CanExecuteRoutedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the CanExecute events for commands.
CanQueryStatusRoutedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the CanQueryStatus events for commands.
ContentChangedRoutedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the ContentChanged routed event.
DataBoundRoutedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the DataBound event.
ExecutedRoutedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the CommandBinding.Executed and CommandBinding.PreviewExecuted routed events, as well as related attached events.
ISRoutedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle routed events.
KeyboardFocusChangedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the KeyboardFocusChanged event.
KeyEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the Key event.
MouseButtonEventHandler Represents the method that handles the MouseLeftButtonDown and MouseLeftButtonUp events.
MouseEventHandler Represents the method that will handle mouse related routed events that do not specifically involve mouse buttons; for example, MouseMove.
MouseWheelEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the MouseWheel routed event.
QueryStatusRoutedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the HybridCommandBinding.QueryStatus routed event.
RequestingAuthenticationEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the RequestingAuthentication event.
SelectionChangedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the SelectionChanged routed event.
WindowActivationEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the window activation events.
WindowContextMenuEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the context menu events for windows.
WindowEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the common events for windows.
WindowOperationEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the operation-related events for windows.


BindingSourceMode Describes the location of the binding source relative to the position of the binding target.
ClientPlatform Represents the type of the client platform
ContentType Specifies value for content type.
DialogResult Specifies identifiers to indicate the return value of a dialog box.
Dock Specifies values that control the behavior of a control positioned inside another control.
LicType Specifies values for licensing.
NoExecuteBehavior Determines the UIElement state when the associated Command can't be executed.
SubscribeOptions Specifies the options used in Subscribe methods in an event aggregator.
ViewCreationState Defines the value for the view state in the region.
ZoomMode Specifies the zoom mode for DocumentViewer control.
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ContainerStyleSelector Class Page: ContentChangedRoutedEventArgs Class Page: ContentChangedRoutedEventHandler Delegate Page: ContentControlRegionAdapter Class Page: ContentType Enumeration Page: CornerRadiusConverter Class Page: CrossPlatform Class Page: CursorManager Class Page: CustomCommands Class Page: DataBinding Class Page: DataBoundRoutedEventArgs Class Page: DataBoundRoutedEventHandler Delegate Page: DataEventArgs(TData) Class Page: DataFilterCommands Class Page: DataProvider Class Page: DataTemplateSelector Class Page: DataViewCommands Class Page: DateTimeHelper Class Page: DateTimeTypeConverter Class Page: DecimalTypeConverter Class Page: DelegateCommand(T) Class Page: DelegateCommand Class Page: DelegateEvent(TPayload) Class Page: DelegateEventBase Class Page: DelegateReference Class Page: DependencyAssembly Class Page: DependencyObjectExtensions Class Page: DependencyPackage Class Page: DialogResult Enumeration Page: Dock Enumeration Page: DoNotEncodeStringsAttribute Class 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FontManager Class Page: FrameworkElementExtensions Class Page: GroupStyle Class Page: Guard Class Page: HeaderedItemsControl Class Page: HierarchicalDataTemplate Class Page: HtmlWindowClosingEventArgs Class Page: HybridCommandBinding Class Page: HybridCommandManager Class Page: HybridDelegateCommand Class Page: HybridRoutedCommand Class Page: IAnimationProvider Interface Page: IApplicationHost Interface Page: IApplicationInitializer Interface Page: IAuthenticationHost Interface Page: ICommandSource Interface Page: IContainerFluent Interface Page: IControl Interface Page: IDelegateReference Interface Page: IDependencyContainer Interface Page: IDependencyRegistrar Interface Page: IDependencyResolver Interface Page: IEventAggregator Interface Page: IEventSubscription Interface Page: IFocusRedirection Interface Page: IFramework Interface Page: IHierarchicalMultipleSelection Interface Page: IHybridCommand Interface Page: IItemsControl Interface Page: IKeyboardFocus Interface Page: ILicensing Interface Page: ILifetimeManager Interface Page: IModalWindow Interface Page: IMultipleSelection Interface Page: IMultiValueConverter Interface Page: INavigationHost Interface Page: INavigationSource Interface Page: INavigationState Interface Page: INavigationSupport Interface Page: InputBinding Class Page: InputBindingCollection Class Page: InputGesture Class Page: InputGestureCollection Class Page: InstanceLoaderAsyncResult Class Page: IntersoftSAFSettings Class Page: IObservableResource Interface Page: IocContainer Class Page: IRegionAdapter Interface Page: IRegionCollection Interface Page: IRegion Interface Page: IRegionManager Interface Page: IRegistration Interface Page: ISBehavior(T) Class Page: ISBindingContainer Class Page: ISButton Class Page: ISContentControl Class Page: ISControl Class Page: IScrollViewer Interface Page: ISCursor Class Page: ISDocumentViewerBase Class Page: ISDocumentViewerPanelBase Class Page: ISelection Interface Page: ISelectionItemExtensions Class Page: ISelectionItem Interface Page: ISEventManager Class Page: ISFocusManager Class Page: ISFramework Class Page: ISGroupItem Class Page: ISHeaderedContentControl Class Page: ISHeaderedHierarchicalMultipleSelectionControl Class Page: ISHeaderedHierarchicalSelectionControl Class Page: ISHeaderedItemsControl Class Page: ISHeaderedSelectionControl Class Page: ISHeaderedSelectionItemControl Class Page: IShellManager Interface Page: ISHierarchicalMultipleSelectionControl Class Page: ISHierarchicalSelectionControl Class Page: ISItemsControl Class Page: ISMultipleSelectionControl Class Page: ISPanel Class Page: ISPasswordBox Class Page: ISPopup Class Page: ISRangeControl Class Page: ISRoutedEventArgs Class Page: ISRoutedEventHandler Delegate Page: ISSelectionControl Class Page: ISSelectionItemControl Class Page: ISTextBox Class Page: ISupportActivation Interface Page: ISupportAuthentication Interface Page: ISupportDataLoading Interface Page: ISVirtualizingPanel Class Page: ITaskBar Interface Page: ItemsControlHelper Class Page: ItemsControlRegionAdapter Class Page: ITransformInfo Interface Page: IViewDiscoveryProvider Interface Page: IViewPart Interface Page: IVirtualizingItemAdapter Interface Page: IVirtualizingItemsControlAdapter Interface Page: IWindowExtension Class Page: IWindowHost Interface Page: IWindow Interface Page: IZoomableControl Interface Page: JavaScript Class Page: JsonSerializer Class Page: KeyBinding Class Page: Keyboard Class Page: KeyboardFocusChangedEventArgs Class Page: KeyboardFocusChangedEventHandler Delegate Page: KeyConverter Class Page: KeyEventArgs Class Page: KeyEventHandler Delegate Page: KeyGesture Class Page: KeyGestureConverter Class Page: KeyStroke Class Page: LengthConverter Class Page: Licensing Class Page: LicType Enumeration Page: LocalizationConverter Class Page: LocalizationManager Class Page: LongTypeConverter Class Page: ModifierKeysConverter Class Page: MouseActionConverter Class Page: MouseAction Enumeration Page: MouseBinding Class Page: MouseButton Enumeration Page: MouseButtonEventArgs Class Page: MouseButtonEventHandler Delegate Page: MouseButtonState Enumeration Page: Mouse Class Page: MouseEventArgs Class Page: MouseEventArgsExtensions Class Page: MouseEventHandler Delegate Page: MouseGesture Class Page: MouseGestureConverter Class Page: MouseWheelEventArgs Class Page: MouseWheelEventHandler Delegate Page: MouseWrapperEventArgs Class Page: MouseWrapperEventHandler Delegate Page: MultiBinding Class Page: MultiBindings Class Page: NavigableViewPartAttribute Class Page: NavigationCommands Class Page: NavigationOptions Class Page: NetworkConnectivityEventArgs Class Page: NoExecuteBehavior Enumeration Page: NonSerializableAttribute Class Page: NotAuthorizedException Class Page: ObfuscateControlFlowAttribute Class - Core Page: ObfuscateNamespaceToAttribute Class - Core Page: ObfuscateToAttribute Class - Core Page: ObservableResource(T) Class Page: PackageDownloadedEventArgs Class Page: PackageDownloader Class Page: PackageInstallInfo Class Page: PreferredContentSource Enumeration Page: ProductInfo Class Page: PropertyBinding Class Page: PropertyChangedEventArgs(T) Class Page: PropertyChangedEventHandler(T) Delegate Page: PropertyChangingEventArgs(T) Class Page: PropertyChangingEventHandler(T) Delegate Page: QueryStatusParameter Class Page: QueryStatusRoutedEventArgs Class Page: QueryStatusRoutedEventHandler Delegate Page: RegionAdapterBase(T) Class Page: RegionAdapter Class Page: Region Class Page: RegionManager Class Page: RegionManagerService Class Page: RelativeBinding Class Page: ReportExceptionAttribute Class - Core Page: RequestingAuthenticationEventArgs Class Page: RequestingAuthenticationEventHandler Delegate Page: ResourceDownloader Class Page: Resources Class Page: RoutedCommand Class Page: RoutedCommandHelpers Class Page: RoutedEvent Class Page: RoutedUICommand Class Page: RoutingStrategy Enumeration Page: ScreenStateChangedEventArgs Class Page: SelectionChangedEventArgs Class Page: SelectionChangedEventHandler Delegate Page: SelectionControlRegionAdapter Class Page: SerializableAttribute Class Page: SizeTypeConverter Class Page: SnapshotCallbackData Class Page: StorageScope Enumeration Page: StoryboardManager Class Page: StyleSelector Class Page: SubscribeOptions Enumeration Page: SubscriptionToken Class Page: SystemEventArgs Class Page: SystemEventType Enumeration Page: ThreadLocalStorageLifetime Class Page: TimeSpanTypeConverter Class Page: TransformInfo Class Page: TraverseEventArg Class Page: Tuple(TItem1, TItem2) Structure Page: UIElementExtensions Class Page: UIMetadataAttribute Class Page: UriTypeMappingEventArgs Class Page: Utility Class Page: UXShell Class Page: ViewCreationState Enumeration Page: ViewDiscoveryProvider Class Page: ViewMetadataAttribute Class Page: ViewMetadata Class Page: ViewPartAttribute Class Page: ViewSortHintAttribute Class Page: VirtualizingStackPanelBase Class Page: VisibilityConverter Class Page: VisualStateSelector Class Page: WeakAction(T) Class Page: WeakAction Class Page: WeakEventListener(TInstance, TSource, TEventArgs) Class Page: WindowActivationEventArgs Class Page: WindowActivationEventHandler Delegate Page: WindowCloseBehavior Class Page: WindowCommands Class Page: WindowContextMenuEventArgs Class Page: WindowContextMenuEventHandler Delegate Page: WindowEventArgs Class Page: WindowEventHandler Delegate Page: WindowEvents Class Page: WindowOperationEventArgs Class Page: WindowOperationEventHandler Delegate Page: WindowOptions Class Page: WindowStateData Class Page: ZoomMode Enumeration Page: ZoomUtility Class