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Some remarks and description about this assembly.


AdaptivePresenterItem Represents an adaptive presenter item in Intersoft Presenter for Silverlight
DataPresenter Abstract class for data presenter classes.
DataPresenterActionButtonElement Represents an action button element in the action box element.
DataPresenterActionHeader Represents an action header object.
DataPresenterBase Abstract class for data presenter classes.
DataPresenterCheckBoxColumn Represents data presenter checkbox column
DataPresenterColumn Represents data presenter column object.
DataPresenterColumnIndicatorElement Represents data presenter column indicator element.
DataPresenterDrillButton Represents data presenter column indicator element.
DataPresenterErrorBox Represents data presenter error box element.
DataPresenterFilterElement Represents data presenter filter element.
DataPresenterFilterOption Represents data presenter filter option object.
DataPresenterFilterOptionElement Represents data presenter filter option element.
DataPresenterGroup Represents data presenter group object.
DataPresenterGroupItem Represents data presenter group item object.
DataPresenterGroupItemElement Represents data presenter group item element.
DataPresenterGroupObject Represents data presenter group object.
DataPresenterItem Represents data presenter item.
DataPresenterItemElement Represents data presenter item element.
DataPresenterItemIcon Represents data presenter item icon.
DataPresenterManager Represents data presenter manager object.
DataPresenterObserver Represents data presenter observer
DataPresenterSlider Represents data presenter slider navigation element.
DataPresenterSplitter Represents data presenter splitter.
DataPresenterStatusBar Represents data presenter status bar.
DataPresenterStatusBarButton Represents data presenter status bar button.
DataPresenterStatusLoader Represents data presenter status loader object.
DataPresenterTextColumn Represents data presenter text column object.
DataPresenterTextEditor Represents data presenter text editor object.
DataPresenterTextImageColumn Represents data presenter text image column object.
GridPresenter Represents grid presenter object.
GridPresenterCell Represents grid presenter cell object.
GridPresenterCellElement Abstract class for grid presenter cell element classes
GridPresenterCheckBoxCellElement Represents grid presenter check box cell element.
GridPresenterRow Represents grid presenter row object.
GridPresenterRowElement Represents grid presenter row element.
GridPresenterRowHeader Represents grid presenter row header object.
GridPresenterTextCellElement Represents grid presenter text cell element.
GridPresenterTextImageCellElement Represents grid presenter text image cell element.
IconPresenter Represents an icon presenter concept in Intersoft Presenter for Silverlight
ListPresenter Represents an list presenter concept in Intersoft Presenter for Silverlight



DataPresenterActionEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the DataPresenterAction event.
DataPresenterChangedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the DataPresenterChanged event.
DataPresenterColumnEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the DataPresenterColumn event.
DataPresenterErrorEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the DataPresenterError event.
DataPresenterEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the DataPresenter event.
DataPresenterGroupEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the DataPresenterGroup event.
DataPresenterItemElementEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the DataPresenterItemElement event.
DataPresenterItemEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the DataPresenterItem event.
DataPresenterValidationEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the DataPresenterValidation event.


Actions Specifies the data operation action executed by intersoft presenter.
ActionType Specifies the type of action for action button in action box.
AdaptivePresenterMode Specifies the adaptive presenter mode.
DataLoadingMode Specifies the type of data loading mode.
DataManipulationMode Specifies the type of data manipulation mode.
DataSourceMode Specifies the type of data source mode.
DockMode Specifies the dock mode
EditingMode Specifies the type of editing mode
EditorType Specifies the type of editor type.
EnterKeyAction Specifies the type of enter key action mode.
FilterMode Specifies the type of filter mode.
FilterOptionMode Specifies the type of filter option mode.
GroupInterval Specifies the type of group interval.
GroupModes Specifies the type of initial group mode.
ImagePosition Specifies the type of image position in data presenter text image column.
LostFocusAction Specifies the type of lost focus action.
NavigationPanelMode Specifies the type of navigation panel mode
SortOrder Specifies the type of sort order
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