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Specifies the supported icon set


public enum IconSet


The following table summarizes the members exposed in this enumeration.


None None
Full Full
ArrowsColored3 ArrowsColored3
ArrowsColored4 ArrowsColored4
ArrowsColored5 ArrowsColored5
ArrowsGray3 ArrowsGray3
ArrowsGray4 ArrowsGray4
ArrowsGray5 ArrowsGray5
Flags3 Flags3
Latin4 Latin4
Quarters5 Quarters5
QuartersGreen5 QuartersGreen5
QuartersRed5 QuartersRed5
Ratings3 Ratings3
Ratings4 Ratings4
Ratings5 Ratings5
RedToBlack4 RedToBlack4
Signs3 Signs3
Squares5 Squares5
Stars3 Stars3
Stars5 Stars5
SymbolsCircled3 SymbolsCircled3
SymbolsUncircled3 SymbolsUncircled3
TrafficLights4 TrafficLights4
TrafficLightsRimmed3 TrafficLightsRimmed3
TrafficLightsUnrimmed3 TrafficLightsUnrimmed3
Triangles3 Triangles3
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