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Welcome to Intersoft ClientUI API Documentation

The API documentation is your ultimate guide to creating great, rich enterprise applications for the web and desktop.

Browse through the publicly available APIs such as classes, members and parameters to understand how ClientUI works and how each API is designed to provide solutions for your apps development challenges.





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Page: Intersoft.Client.Data.ComponentModel Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.Data.DataPresenter Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.Data.DataSource Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.Data.Provider.DevForce Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.Data.Provider.Ria Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.Documents Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.Framework Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.Reporting.BarCode Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.Reporting.ComponentModel Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.Reporting.DataVisualization Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.Reporting.Designer.Core Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.Reporting.Designer Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.Reporting.Export.Excel Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.Reporting.Export.Html Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.Reporting.Export.Image Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.Reporting.Export.Pdf Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.Reporting.Export Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.Reporting.ImageEncoder Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.Reporting.Viewer Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.Reporting Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.Scripting Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.UI.Aqua.UXCollection Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.UI.Aqua.UXDesktop Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.UI.Aqua.UXDock Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.UI.Aqua.UXFlow Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.UI.Aqua.UXInput Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.UI.Aqua.UXRibbon Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.UI.Aqua.UXStackMenu Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.UI.Aqua Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.UI.Controls.Interactivity Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.UI.Controls Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.UI.Data Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.UI.DataVisualization Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.UI.DocumentViewers Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.UI.Editors Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.UI.Navigation Assembly Page: Intersoft.Client.UI.ScheduleView Assembly