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This update is a service pack release which includes enhancements and also addresses numerous issues found since the WebUI Studio 2016 release. This release includes stability improvements in various WebUI components. We highly recommend you to update to this release for best performance and stability.

Upgrading to WebUI Studio 2016 Update 2 is free to all customers with active subscriptions.

To apply the latest updates, simply launch Update Manager and install the desired updates. Please refer to Updating WebUI Studio for more information.

About WebUI Studio 2016

This update is building on WebUI Studio 2016 release which includes upgrades to all WebUI components and delivers hundreds of new features that make enterprise ASP.NET web development truly a breeze. Take a look at all the new features in the WebUI Studio 2016 R1 Release Notes  and see what you are missing out on!

Download WebUI Studio 2016 today.


Quality BandSTABLE
Build Number

WebCombo 7.0.7200.276

WebEssentials 4.0.1000.19

WebScheduler 5.0.1000.24

WebGrid 10.0.7200.24

WebUI.NET Framework 3.0.5000.974

Last Build DateApril 29, 2016

Enhancements and fixes in this release

This release includes the following enhancements and bug fixes:

T Key Summary P Status Component/s
Bug ASPNET-388 WebSlider: Misaligned slider indicator when MaximumValue property is set to the highest value on Unified Theming Minor Resolved WebEssentials
Improvement ASPNET-387 WebTreeView: Improve rendered TextImage style on Unified Theme. Major Resolved WebTreeView
Bug ASPNET-386 WebToolbar: Newly Created Toolbar from client-side did not apply FrameStyle Major Resolved WebDesktop
Improvement ASPNET-385 WebSlider - Improve Validation State Minor Closed WebEssentials
Improvement ASPNET-384 WebRating - Improve Validation State Minor Closed WebEssentials
Improvement ASPNET-383 Improve Validation State Minor Closed WebCombo
Improvement ASPNET-382 Improve Validation State Major Closed WebInput
Improvement ASPNET-381 Improve Calculator internal process. Minor Closed WebInput
Bug ASPNET-380 WebTreeView: Node can't maintain its forecolor when it's being hovered with a dragged node Minor Resolved WebTreeView
Bug ASPNET-379 WebTreeView: When moving node to another node where you need to scroll the WebTreeView, the initial node becomes Not Allowed to be moved Minor Resolved WebTreeView
New Feature ASPNET-377 WebAccordion: Responsive design support for "Left" and "Right" expand direction on Unified Theming Minor Closed WebEssentials
Bug ASPNET-376 WebListBox: Lisbox item truncated when Scroll Mode set to Scroller and Scroller was hidden on Unified Theming. Major Resolved WebEssentials
Improvement ASPNET-375 WebSlider: Improve Progress precision on Unified Theming Major Closed WebEssentials
Bug ASPNET-374 WebSlider: Miss aligned Progress when Range Enabled on Unified Theming Major Resolved WebEssentials
Bug ASPNET-373 WebSlider: LargeInfoLine not showing even though LargeStepValue has been specify Major Resolved WebEssentials
Bug ASPNET-372 WebSlidingMenu: Javascript error when click back button after navigation by double click a MenuItem. Major Resolved WebEssentials
Bug ASPNET-370 WebSlidingMenu: AlternateItem hover and active state used ItemStyle instead of AlternateItemStyle. Major Resolved WebEssentials
Bug ASPNET-366 Calculator's BackSpace operator not working properly. Major Resolved WebInput
Bug ASPNET-362 WebGrid Designer becomes inaccessible when using hierarchical structure Major Resolved
Bug ASPNET-314 Dragged WebDesktopWindow Gets Stuck in Drag-state Major Resolved
Bug ASPNET-313 Fix WebCombo for IE 8 Browser Major Resolved WebCombo
Bug ASPNET-290 All day event is not correctly shown in Timeline view on timezone with DST. Major Resolved

For more information about release band quality and how to obtain and apply updates, see Updating WebUI Studio.