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Building on mature frameworks and advanced functionality, WebUI Studio 2016 continues to deliver innovative features and leverage many cutting-edge web technologies and front-end trends built for modern browsers. This release includes major version for all 40+ WebUI components which have been redesigned from the ground-up to support the new unified theming framework which provides a streamlined styling across all WebUI components. WebUI Studio 2016 is also designed to provide first-class support for modern browsers today such as Chrome, Safari and Edge.

At the core, many WebUI Studio components have been architecturally improved by minimizing server-side dependencies and strongly focusing on client-side capabilities, allowing it to rapidly evolve with the advancement of web technologies. This release adds full support for external CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation. Unlike the previous versions, every WebUI component is now style-able through CSS, including static, dynamic and interactive elements. 

More importantly, this release adds a new beautiful modern theme that you can apply with the simplicity of xcopy. Beyond just basic styling, the modern theme includes comprehensive styling for more than hundreds of UI elements available in WebUI components.

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This page guides you through the new features and enhancements available in WebGrid 10. Click the links below to jump to the section of your interest.


WebUI Framework 4

At the core of WebUI Studio is the WebUI Framework which provides the foundation, server and client frameworks, editors, and design patterns for all WebUI components. New in this release, WebUI Framework 4 delivers major updates and new features to set a new foundation for WebUI components. One of the biggest updates is the introduction of unified theming which allows you to use external CSS framework to streamline all styles used in all WebUI components.

In addition, WebUI Framework 4 also delivers a multitude of new APIs and significant improvements to overall performance, stability and reliability. For more information, see WebUI Framework 4 Release Notes.

WebGrid 10

WebGrid 10 is a major release that sports a completely redesigned user interface based on the new Unified Theming framework introduced in the WebUI Studio 2016 release. Building on its advanced functionalities, WebGrid 10 leverages the latest web technologies and front-end trends optimized for modern browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Edge. The new WebGrid lets you rapidly add powerful data presentation to your ASP.NET web project with simple drag-drop, while delivering beautiful design that naturally suitable to modern web applications today.

In addition, WebGrid 10 introduces a new ColumnSet Designer for accelerated development experience, improved data editing reliability, faster runtime performance, and much more. For more information, see WebGrid 10 Release Notes.

WebCombo 7

WebCombo 7 combines the most advanced input selection features with the latest modern UI design based on Unified Theming framework, making it the most versatile combobox component in the industry. The new WebCombo release continues to provide a vast selection of combobox functionalities not found in other JS-based components, such as multiple columns result, type ahead auto completion, and smart window positioning. This release also adds support for latest modern browsers like Chrome, Safari and Edge, as well as providing backward compatibility for older browsers.

For more information, see WebCombo 7 Release Notes.

WebInput 5

Completely redesigned with the new modern theme, WebInput 5 offers ultimate data entry functionality from simple input to advanced masked input. Every little detail of the input element has been revamped to match the latest presentation trends in the industry which include the text box style, date time editor style, and calculator editor style. To achieve pixel-perfect design across various modern browsers, the element markup and rendering have been significantly improved with the most recent HTML5 and CSS3 standards. 

For more information, see WebInput 5 Release Notes.

WebDesktop 5

WebDesktop 5 is a revolutionary release that transforms traditional web apps into gorgeous, ultra-sleek multiple document interface. The new release sports unified modern theme for all 15 user interface components included in WebDesktop. Major design overhaul can be seen in flagship components such as WebDesktopManager, WebPaneManager, WebToolBar, WebExplorerPane and WebNavPane. Reimagined with timeless industrial-standards design and equipped with scalable SVG icons, WebDesktop 5 has everything you need to build beautiful and modern web apps, fast and easy.

For more information, see WebDesktop 5 Release Notes.

WebEssentials 4

Power-packed with essential components for modern web development, WebEssentials 4 joined the UI revolution along with the rest of WebUI components released in 2016 release. The WebListBox now supports clean and professional look such as those featured in modern navigation apps, while WebSlidingMenu has been remodeled with iOS-style navigation menu. In addition, WebRibbon has been reimagined with modern styles which is beautifully aligned with the entire WebUI unified visual semantics. All WebEssential components are now leveraging SVG icons for pixel-perfect and scalable design, taking web user interface to the next level.

For more information, see WebEssentials 4 Release Notes.

WebScheduler 5

WebScheduler 5 is the most significant release since its inception, featuring a completely re-engineered user interface for the most sophisticated scheduling experience. Over hundreds of elements and interaction styles – from the header, toolbar, events to callout and editing form – have been redesigned with clean and spacious layout, and modern appearance. Building on the state-of-the-art WebUI modern theme, every scheduler view now leverages SVG icons for the most sharp, pixel-identical interface. A new version of editing form is also available which leverages HTML5, Bootstrap, and WebUI modern theme, which provides an ultimate editing experience.

For more information, see WebScheduler 5 Release Notes.

WebTextEditor 3

WebTextEditor 3 comes fueled with beautiful aesthetics conforming to the new WebUI unified modern theme. Every user interface element has been meticulously redesigned to create the most sophisticated editing experience which naturally integrates a built-in spell checker and real-time file uploading. Joining the UI revolution in this release, the new WebTextEditor also sports modern styles applied to all elements, from the toolbars, text editors, task panes to popovers and status bars. That's not all, the media gallery, table designer, and image editors have been dramatically improved for faster performance and built for latest browsers including Edge, Safari and Chrome. 

For more information, see WebTextEditor 3 Release Notes.

WebTreeView 2

WebTreeView 2 combines already powerful hierarchical data functionality with the new WebUI unified theme – perfect for today's modern web applications. Every glyph and control resource have been updated with SVG icons for the sharpest, pixel-perfect presentation on any screen resolutions. Joining the rest of WebUI members in this release, WebTreeView 2 comes with improved performance, stability and reliability as well as support for latest browsers.


For more information, see WebTreeView 2 Release Notes.

Visual Studio 2015 and Windows 10 Support

WebUI Studio 2016 includes improved IDE integration and tooling support with enhanced support for Visual Studio 2015. In the previous releases, you are required to run Visual Studio 2015 with administrator privilege when using WebUI components. In this release, administrator is no longer required, allowing you to use WebUI components with standard user privilege. In addition, this release also adds better support for Windows 10.

Backward Compatibility

All WebUI components in the 2016 release remain backward compatible with existing projects created with previous version of WebUI. This means that you can safely upgrade your existing projects to the new release without concerning on compatibility issues. In existing projects with classic styles, the WebUI components will continue to render the styles with the classic approach. 

When your project is configured with unified theme, the defined WebUI controls will start to render with the new theme across all pages in the application. To upgrade your projects to leverage the new WebUI modern theme, please see Applying Unified Modern Theme in WebUI Application.

Latest Browser Support

WebUI Studio 2016 is strongly focused to provide high-performing UI components that work and look great in the latest version of major browsers. With the new modern theme and supercharged frameworks, WebUI components now render pixel-identical design across various browsers. It's also building on advanced capabilities available in modern browsers today such as SVG.

The supported browsers in WebUI Studio 2016 are:

  • Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11
  • Edge
  • Safari 9
  • Chrome 48
  • Firefox 44

New WebUI Unified Theme Project Template

With the introduction of unified theming, this release adds a new web application project template with unified theme configured. Integrated to Visual Studio, you can quickly jump start a modern WebUI project from this project template.

The project template features:

  • Pre-configured theming configuration with unified theming enabled.
  • Pre-compiled CSS files for Bootstrap and WebUI modern theme.
  • A sample page that shows a combination of WebUI components in unified theme.

To get started with the new project template, see Creating a New WebUI Application with Unified Modern Theme.

New WebUI Samples

WebUI Studio 2016 ships with a comprehensive set of new samples to demonstrate many of the new features and capabilities in the new release. Instead of reusing the existing samples, we've decided to create a brand-new sample project which is simpler and more straightforward. The new sample project also eliminates many cosmetic boilerplate found in existing samples.

In general, the new WebUI samples are designed toward these goals:

  • Based on Web Application project format.
  • Provides updated best practices and guidelines that align with the latest ASP.NET technology.
  • Lightweight, simple, and easy to learn.
  • Provides modern style references for all 40+ WebUI components.
  • Streamlined experience, just select a sample and view in browser to run. Nothing else to be configured.

To check out the new WebUI samples, please find the WebUI.Unified.Samples under under the Windows Start Menu > Intersoft Premier Studio 2016 R1 > WebUI group.

Updates and fixes in this release

This release includes the following updates and bug fixes:

T Key Summary P Status Component/s
New Feature ASPNET-340 Support for latest modern browsers, including IE11, Edge, Safari 9, Chrome 48 and Firefox 44 Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-339 WebPaneManager: Added CompactMode property in PaneSettings which presents cleaner and modern layout rendering. Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-338 WebSlider : ASP Validator Support. Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-337 WebRating : ASP Validator Support. Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-336 Responsive design for small, medium and large screen size. Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-335 Support for latest browsers: IE11, Edge, Safari 9, Chrome 48 and Firefox 44 Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-334 Major stability and reliability improvements, smoother animation. Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-333 Support responsive design with Bootstrap size classes integration Major Closed
Bug ASPNET-332 Editor not scrollable on first load on safari browser. Major Resolved
Bug ASPNET-331 Set ShowWeekNumbers to false still show empty cell. Major Resolved
New Feature ASPNET-330 New SetValidationState API and OnValidate client-side event. Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-329 New SetValidationState api and OnValidate event. Major Closed
Bug ASPNET-328 WebTextEditor: Design View Height not reset to 100% after switch from split view > preview > design view. Major Resolved
Bug ASPNET-327 WebTextEditor: Fix Form Control Task Pane Height Calculation. Major Resolved
Bug ASPNET-326 WebTextEditor: Table Designer ClientCombo Disabled style not consistence Major Resolved
Bug ASPNET-325 Fix View Content Height Calculation. Major Resolved
Bug ASPNET-324 EditingButtonStyle not applied. Major Resolved
Bug ASPNET-323 Fix AllDayEvent Height Calculation. Major Resolved
New Feature ASPNET-322 Add FrameStyle. Major Closed
Bug ASPNET-321 WebNotification: Javascript Error on Safari. Major Resolved
Bug ASPNET-320 WebSlider: Click (not press) Left/Right arrow will not change WebSlider Value. Major Resolved
Bug ASPNET-319 Calculator Space Button and Dot button apply wrong style. Major Resolved
Bug ASPNET-318 Click Collapse/Expand Calendar Button not Collapse/Expand Calendar. Major Resolved
Task ASPNET-315 Improved selection stability when working with media and formatting in IE 11 Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-312 Improved reliability for WebGrid with Hierarchical configuration. Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-311 Major improvements for Safari Mac, synchronized scrolling during keyboard and mousewheel interaction. Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-310 Horizontal scrollbar in Safari is now visible when column freezing is enabled. Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-309 Addressed various issues related to control focus, editing, and keyboard navigation. Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-308 Better support for scenarios in scrollable page, yielding consistent control positioning and presentation Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-307 Major stability improvements to produce identical rendering and user experience across modern browsers, including IE11, Edge, Safari 9, Chrome 45, and Firefox 42. Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-306 Re-engineered column freezing algorithm with more efficient API available in modern browsers Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-305 Improved client binding support for real-time grouping and ungrouping rendering Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-304 Improved table header rendering in a child table to accurately align with its width Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-303 Resizing column of a child table now invalidates the Grid's scroll bar for best fit Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-302 Improved table layout and rendering to be consistent across major browsers (columns not aligned when scroll to the most right edge of the Grid) Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-301 Status bar element now consistently docked at the bottom edge of the Grid Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-300 Lost focus style is causing appearance problems to bottom borders in certain browsers Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-299 Edit focus color is now re-applied after the Grid gained focus Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-298 Table body height is now recalculated when filter bar is hidden from context menu Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-297 Major rework on client-side API to work with CSS classes, resulting in 4x faster performance. Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-296 Editing controls are now positioned perfectly to the cell boundary when using background highlight type Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-295 Filter UI state is now accurately persisted when user cancelled the changes by focusing on another elements Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-294 Redesigned filter bar with CSS3-based selectors for more versatile interface and layout across all browsers Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-293 Improved keyboard navigation consistency and inline cell editing in Microsoft Edge Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-292 Column sort indicator is now always visible when the column caption length exceeds its width. Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-287 WebUI unified theming support for CSS framework Major Closed
Bug ASPNET-285 WebSlidingMenu: Previous active item's style not reset to normal. Major Resolved
Sub-task ASPNET-284 Lack Orientation Indicator. Major Closed
Improvement ASPNET-283 WebSlider: Improve slider height calculation on vertical orientation. Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-282 WebSlider: Percentage width support. Major Closed
Sub-task ASPNET-281 Active Button (collapsed group dropdown) should only apply active style. Major Closed
Sub-task ASPNET-280 No Option to apply menu style. Major Closed
Sub-task ASPNET-279 Collapsed RibbonGroup (into dropdown) did not porperly apply it's style. Major Closed
Sub-task ASPNET-278 Style Setting Support. Major Closed
Sub-task ASPNET-277 Indicator for Full star or Empty star. Major Closed
Sub-task ASPNET-276 Progress width should be calculated with percentage to support responsive design. Major Closed
Sub-task ASPNET-275 Orientation indicator. Major Closed
Sub-task ASPNET-274 MaxSliderDimension with percentage support. Major Closed
Bug ASPNET-273 WebProgressbar: progressbar shadow missing height on Horizontal Undetermine Progressbar. Major Resolved
Sub-task ASPNET-272 Broken Style When Orientation and CaptionOrientation set to vertical. Major Closed
Bug ASPNET-271 WebExpander: HeaderStyle not Applied correctly on Right Flow Direction Mode. Major Resolved
Sub-task ASPNET-270 Disabled State Indicator for Calendar item in Month/Year view Major Closed
Bug ASPNET-269 WebCalendar: Focus Cell not reset properly after lost focus. Major Resolved
Bug ASPNET-268 WebCalendar: InboundStyle and FocusCell style not applied properly. Major Resolved
Sub-task ASPNET-267 Responsive design Support for Auto Content Width for left/right direction expand. Major Closed
Sub-task ASPNET-266 Lack Indicator for expand direction. Major Closed
Sub-task ASPNET-265 Command on Hidden Command dropdown should show text when it did not any icon specified. Major Closed
Sub-task ASPNET-264 GroupItem Dropdown hover style not applied on stand alone webtoolbar Major Closed
Sub-task ASPNET-263 cssClass style on MenuStyleSettings not applied. Major Closed
Sub-task ASPNET-262 Option to change cssClass for body/frame style. Major Closed
Sub-task ASPNET-261 Splitter Active State lack horizontal/vertical indicator. Major Closed
Sub-task ASPNET-260 Splitter Style not applied. Major Closed
Bug ASPNET-259 WebPaneManager: WebPane did not use it's own HeaderCustomStyle even with UseCustomStyle HeaderAppearance. Critical Resolved
Sub-task ASPNET-256 Right/down arrow indicator for menu item. Major Closed
Sub-task ASPNET-255 Option to change cssClass for body/frame style. Major Closed
Sub-task ASPNET-254 Menu Setting not Applied. Major Closed
Bug ASPNET-253 WebExplorerPane: Cannot set SpecialBarIndex. Major Resolved
Sub-task ASPNET-252 BarFrameStyle not applied Minor Closed
Sub-task ASPNET-251 SpecialBar cssClass style cannot accept multiple class. Major Closed
Sub-task ASPNET-250 collapsed or expanded icon Indicator. Major Closed
Sub-task ASPNET-249 Hiding Content not completely hide content. Major Closed
Bug ASPNET-248 WebDialogBox: JS error on iframe mouse event after move windows position, on iframe content. Major Resolved
Sub-task ASPNET-247 Wrong Content container height calculation. Major Closed
Bug ASPNET-246 WebDesktopManager: Wrong Minimized Window height and posisition calculation when not ShowInTaskBar Major Resolved
Bug ASPNET-245 WebDesktopManager: Window moving not working with Shadow WindowInteractiveMode. Major Resolved
Sub-task ASPNET-244 Indicator for Restore/Maximize state for changing Minimize and Maximize button state. Major Closed
Sub-task ASPNET-243 Indicator for disabled WebDesktopShortcut. Major Closed
Sub-task ASPNET-242 Indicator for Window Fullscreen state. Major Closed
Bug ASPNET-241 WebDekstopManager: TaskBarLeftTemplate have wrong width calculation resulting in zero length width on IE Major Resolved
Bug ASPNET-240 WebDesktopManager: Each Task width in Taskbar have different width than specified. Major Resolved
Sub-task ASPNET-239 Indicator for left and right arrow position. Major Closed
Sub-task ASPNET-238 Check state indicator for TriStateCheckBox. Minor Closed
Sub-task ASPNET-237 Indicator for line sign (on root,leaf or branch). Minor Closed
Sub-task ASPNET-236 Need Indicator for Dropdown Button Position. Major Closed
Bug ASPNET-235 JS error when UseDefaultStyle set to 'false' and DateTimeEditor is enabled. Major Resolved
Sub-task ASPNET-234 Selector for Quick Date Filter Button. Major Closed
Sub-task ASPNET-233 No global indicator for Readonly WebInput. Major Closed
Sub-task ASPNET-232 Need indicator expandCollapse sign. Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-225 Unified modern style for WebToolBar Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-224 Unified modern style for WebTab Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-223 Unified modern style for WebSplitter Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-222 Unified modern style for WebPaneManager Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-221 Unified modern style for WebNotification Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-220 Unified modern style for WebNavPane Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-219 Unified modern style for WebMenuBar Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-218 Unified modern style for WebExplorerPane Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-217 Unified modern style for WebDialogBox Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-216 Unified modern style for WebDesktopManager Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-215 Unified modern style for WebCallOut Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-214 Unified modern style for WebButton Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-212 Unified modern style for WebTreeView Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-211 Unified modern style for WebInput Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-210 Unified modern style for WebCombo Major Closed
Task ASPNET-209 Unified modern style for WebSlidingMenu Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-208 Unified modern style for WebSlider Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-207 Unified modern style for WebRibbon Major Closed
Task ASPNET-206 Unified modern style for WebRating Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-205 Unified modern style for WebProgressBar Major Closed
Task ASPNET-204 Unified modern style for WebListBox Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-203 Unified modern style for WebExpander Major Resolved
New Feature ASPNET-202 Unified modern style for WebCalendar Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-201 Unified modern style for WebAccordion Major Closed
Task ASPNET-200 Unified modern style for WebFileUploader Major Closed
Task ASPNET-199 Unified modern style for WebSpellChecker Major Closed
Task ASPNET-198 Unified modern style for WebTextEditor Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-197 Unified modern style for WebScheduler Major Resolved
Task ASPNET-196 Unified modern style for WebGrid Major Closed
Improvement ASPNET-185 Improve WebGrid Performance when binding to large data and paging is not enabled. Major Closed
Bug ASPNET-178 Unable To Initialize FileUploader alert message on accessing page with url hash Major Resolved
Bug ASPNET-136 Enhance Table Designer Task Pane for IE11 Major Resolved
Bug ASPNET-125 WebTextEditor editor frame should have margin around it. Major Resolved

Since WebGrid 10 is a major release, the WebGrid updates are not available via Update Manager channel. Please install from the latest setup for the best development experiences which includes new project templates and other IDE enhancements.