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Components At A Glance

With the advent of Microsoft .NET Framework and its entire technology since the past 4 years, the utilization of Component-based applications have been growing very fast in software industry today. The component design model introduced many advantages and benefits such as highly reusable and customizable where developers can easily build high productive applications in less time as well as increasing the value of the applications in many ways. Thanks to .NET technology and ASP.NET architecture specifically, the component design model is now invented and available in web-based development environment where it was only available in desktop-based Windows application. With this availability, many vendors have migrated and invested tremendous resources in making components that work in ASP.NET web development and Visual Studio.NET in particular which aims to increase both developers and end users productivity.

Today we can find hundreds of components for ASP.NET web development that are working individually with different methodology and concept between each and another. Even the same vendor that develop more than a dozen of components oftenly have different object model, different methodology, and different way to perform tasks in each components. This has become a major issue for developers today where they have to spend more time to learn the functionality and structure between one component and another due to the inconsistent in the standard of development. This has not including the component upgrade issues and other maintainance problems which mostly introduce higher workload. This certainly will result in longer learning curve and therefore lowering the productivity of developers.

Intersoft Solutions Corp. as one of the leading component vendor is proud to introduce its latest innovation in component software: a true, rock-solid framework-based component object model that designed to completely overcome today's components obstacles. More than that, the framework introduced many advantages and benefits which is not possible before with its rich features, powerful architecture and extensible functionalities.

Introducing WebUI Framework

Intersoft's new component framework, named Intersoft WebUI Framework is designed with 3 natures and behaviors as its main attributes -- which you can find in all products that derived from the framework -- that are: RichPowerful and Extensible. As the result of extensive, time-consuming research and development, WebUI Framework fully takes advantage of advanced Microsoft.NET technologies resulting in a true powerful and high performance framework component model. Several key challenges and major issues that prevent many component vendors to invent such framework has also been completely resolved and fully taken care at core WebUI Framework. This enables developers to concentrate on their core business requirements and added applications values, without has to pay attention and wasting time in development issues such as the need to use upgrade utility for upgrading components, or manually setting some configurations repetitively in order to make the components work.  Rest assured that these low-level core stuff will be handled completely with the availability of WebUI Framework.

Intersoft WebUI Studio.NET is a unique and truly integrated component framework provides rich class libraries and powerful interfaces as well as consistent object model for all Intersoft's ASP.NET Web Components. WebUI Studio.NET is the new version of framework replacing WebCommonControl architecture introduced in its first two products, WebCombo.NET and WebGrid.NET Enterprise. The new framework provides as the base component for all upcoming Intersoft's products enables sophisticated, new level of components integration which is never possible before.

WebUI Framework Diagram

As seen in the diagram above, Intersoft creates a new layer for the framework between ASP.NET Architecture and the developed web applications. The framework have tight interoperability with Microsoft .NET and the ASP.NET architecture in order to produce high performance and rock-solid base for the entire layer of high end components such as WebGrid.NET, WebInput.NET and future coming products.

Intersoft WebUI Studio.NET Family

The top level components or products that derived from WebUI Framework will synergy a Component Family named WebUI Studio.NET. This family methodology is different with Component Suite. The biggest difference is traditional Component Suite oftenly a collection of individual components which doesn't know the existence of each other, doesn't have integration or capability to use each other features consistently, while WebUI Studio.NET Family is a collection of components that derive from the same base and well-integrated between each and another. For example, one component can call another's feature or functionality consistently through the same interface and object model. 

The Family methodology is obviously more than corporate's branding or marketing's identity which mostly used by vendors to strengthen their product position while actually there are no infrastructure or architecture that fully support the understanding of the concept. Intersoft invented the Family model to enable developers to quickly recognize the quality products which have met the high requirements and specifications, as well as redefine the standard of components that expose the nature behaviors of Rich, Powerful and Extensible. Rest assured that when developers found a component that has this Family label, they will find the same familiarity of the products they have used for years, the same way to achieve similar tasks and well integration into existing products.

About WebUI Framework Logo and Philosophy

WebUI Framework is major Intersoft's initiative in providing rock-solid, powerful and innovative base libraries for all high-end Intersoft components with two key goals: increasing developers productivity and enabling a greater user's experience while working in web application environment. Intersoft has designed a logo as seen in the left to allow end developers to quickly recognize the identity of WebUI Framework. 

The logo was designed to maximally expose the visibility and attributes of high-end components that derived from the framework, those are RichPowerful and Extensible

The logo shows essential philosophy of the framework as an Integrated Framework with consistency, reusable, atomic, standardized, extensible, and strong objects oriented behaviors. As an integrated framework, it supplies everything to develop (for component developers) and to customize (by end developers) Web User Interface component on .NET technology, and it has an extensive library for designtime (fully integrated with IDE), runtime, and deployment time. For component developers, they will have a very strong foundation to develop new rich WebUI component that is easy to use, easy to develop, easy to deploy, easy to maintain, easy to extend and a very reliable framework (shorter development time with standardized and rich features , high productivity). For end developers, they will have a component (suite) that is easy to understand, easy to use, easy to deploy, a very reliable component since it based on a integrated framework, and certainly rich user experience (shorter learning time with high productivity, usability and reliability).