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WebTreeView is Intersoft's latest ASP.NET server control which enables you to easily create a hierarchical data presentation. This powerful control incorporates numerous unique features which makes WebTreeView flexible and highly customizable to meet your design needs.

WebTreeView is loaded with many features which make it the best tree view control in the industry. These features are as followed:

  • Rock-solid client side architecture enables high-performance OOP-based TreeView control. 
  • Supports databinding to Hierarchical DataSourceControl (such as XmlDataSource and SiteMapDataSource) in both design and runtime. 
  • The unique Tristate checkbox and of course support the two-state checkbox 
  • The ability to load the child nodes on demand. This technique, called Load on Demand will give you performance boost while working with large hierarchical data presentation. 
  • The ability to drag and drop a node to a root node, child node, or sibling node. 
  • Keyboard navigation provides your end users with the ability to control the node selection by using keyboard 
  • Find a node based on its path. 
  • Built-in animation during expanding or collapsing the node.

This fully-featured control will benefit the developers in creating a powerful data hierarchical presentation, window-to-window navigation and also structural navigation. This, of course, will help the developers deliver simple, yet powerful tree view control to the customer.