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WebTab offers most of functionalities a Tab control should have, plus several unique features allowing you to create modern visual styles with some properties configuration.

Quick Start


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Create Windows XP-like Tab without images

Use WebTab control to build well-organized user interface in the form of "Tab" navigations and easily achieve modern visual styles with the ease of couple properties changes. WebTab features TrueShape rendering which lets you design a rich Windows XP-like Tab control without requiring any images. It also exposes the exact details of modern Tab's behaviors. For instance, the active tab's offset, separator between normal tabs and active tabs, and many more - which handled automatically in the WebTab control.

Improve user experience with automatic Scrolling and closeable tab features 

In addition to the regular Tab's functionalities, WebTab offers numerous innovative features which you can consume as easy as one property change. Some of the noteworthy features are automatic scrolling and AllowClose features. The scrolling feature lets you define as many tabs as you like without compromising the layout functions. The AllowClose feature gives a richer experience for your users by letting them close any unused tabs.

Increase usability and extensibility with client-side constructable tab items

WebTab includes strong client side object model and API which lets developers to easily interact with the control programmatically. This capability enables you to extend the functions of the tab according to your application-specific scenarios. For instance of one most common scenario, creating new TabItem programmatically, set its caption, or change the content's URL. You can perform these functions without the need to perform page postback.