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WebScheduler is Intersoft's flagship product in Calendaring, Scheduling and Planning functionality, offering over hundreds of advanced features and numerous unique innovations designated for enterprise-grade Scheduling application.

In This Section

State-of-the-Art Rendering and Appealing User Interface
Read about WebScheduler and calendar user interface.

Natural Calendaring and Scheduling Integration
Read about the integration between calendar and scheduler without writing any single line of codes.

Includes 6 Built-in Scheduler View
Discover the 6 built-in views in WebScheduler.

Elegant Databinding Architecture
Read about using multiple-table databinding architecture to deliver a more robust and elegant database design.

Superior User Experience
Read about the best and the most appealing design of WebScheduler for user interface and user experience.

Out-of-the-box Editing Experience
Read about built-in Editing Webform in WebScheduler.

Advanced Calendaring Function
Read about advanced calendaring function that adopts vista style behavior for view range selection.

Multiple Resources
Read about built-in multiple resources support in WebScheduler.

Comprehensive Recurrence Support
Read about WebScheduler's ability to create new recurring event or convert a standard event to recurring event.

Super-fast View Switching and Navigation with TripleLoad™
Read about TripleLoad™ which enables WebScheduler to load and switch to different view instantly.

Rich Design-time rendering and deep integration with Visual Studio
WebScheduler supports both Visual Studio® 2005 and Visual Studio® 2008 design time environment.

Tight integration with WebDesktop.NET™
Read about WebScheduler's ability to integrate with WebDesktop.