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WebScheduler 5 is a major release that sports a completely redesigned user interface based on the new Unified Theming framework introduced in the WebUI Studio 2016 release. Building on its advanced features, WebScheduler 5 leverages the latest web technologies and front-end trends optimized for modern browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Edge. The new WebScheduler lets you easily add advanced data entry functionality to your ASP.NET web project with simple drag-drop, while delivering beautiful design that naturally suitable to modern web applications today.

More importantly, this release adds a new modern theme that you can apply with the simplicity of xcopy. Beyond just basic styling, the modern theme includes comprehensive styling for all WebScheduler user interface, as well as adding support for Bootstrap validation styles. In addition, this release provides full support for latest major browsers including Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Safari for Mac, Chrome 47 and Firefox 42.

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This page guides you through the new features and enhancements available in WebScheduler 5. Click the links below to jump to the section of your interest.



Unified Theming Support

In this release, WebScheduler has been significantly enhanced to fully support unified theming capability introduced in WebUI Framework 4. In general, these are the key area of improvements to support unified theming:

  • Inline styles are now removed in favor to CSS styles which reduce markup and page output in overall.
  • Instance-level styles and default stylesheets are no longer rendered, enabling the page to load much faster.
  • Provide attribute-based states for streamlined styling through CSS3 selectors.
  • Enhanced both server-side and client-side rendering to support modern HTML5 and CSS3 markup/syntax.

For more information, see Unified Theming.

A Whole New Scheduling Experience

The new WebScheduler is completely redesigned from the bottom-up with modern and clean user interface, taking scheduling experience to a whole new level. Building on the WebUI unified theming, WebScheduler's new modern theme leverages the popular CSS framework, BootstrapUnlike previous versions, WebScheduler automatically uses shared/common styles when the unified theming feature is enabled. When the common styles are modified, WebScheduler and the other WebUI components that present similar semantic will be automatically updated.

As the result, WebScheduler delivers re-imagined experience that is consistent with the entire WebUI components, including the use of larger fonts for better readability, removed unnecessary borders and clutters, and balanced use of primary and neutral colors.

At a glance, the WebScheduler modern theme key highlights are:

  • Based on Bootstrap 3.3
  • Written in SCSS language
  • Redesigned with clean and modern styles
  • Meticulously designed, pixel-perfect styling on over 100+ elements, callouts, and editing form.
  • Control resources now use scalable vector graphic (SVG) in favor to low-res images
  • Includes 150+ SVG icons designed exclusively for WebUI Studio

The following screenshot shows a basic WebScheduler in action with the new modern theme.

Redesigned Editing Form

WebScheduler 5 comes with a completely rebuilt editing form leveraging latest web standards such as HTML5, Bootstrap, and the new unified WebUI theme. Many usability aspects and intricate details have been considered in this new version, such as clicking on the label will now focus on the associated control, and popups/editors are now smartly positioned based on screen availability. The result is an absolutely gorgeous, visually appealing aesthetics such as shown in the illustration below.

There are two forms provided, one uses 24-hour format and the other uses the 12-hour format. The Editing Form can be found in the installation folder, see below for path example.

Improved Performance

In previous versions, when the page containing WebScheduler has a lot of stylesheet classes, interaction such as cell selection will become slower as more stylesheets are included. This release includes major re-engineering to the interaction core, resulting in real-time interaction regardless of the stylesheet size. This improvement is instrumental in creating responsive user experience for large-scale WebUI application.

Latest Browser Support

WebScheduler 5 has been significantly improved to support the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Edge
  • Safari Mac 9.0
  • Chrome 48
  • Firefox 44


Updates and fixes in this release

This release includes the following updates and bug fixes:


Since WebScheduler 5 is a major release, the WebScheduler updates are not available via Update Manager channel. Please install from the latest setup for the best development experiences which includes new project templates and other IDE enhancements.