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Intersoft WebScheduler is designed for ease-of-use and out-of-the-box Scheduling experience, yet providing advanced level of customization and innovative features. WebScheduler allows you to build professional calendaring and scheduling application with very minimal efforts and time.

You can create a fully functional Scheduling application that similar to Microsoft Outlook with simple drag-drop and several properties set. The calendar and scheduler view is naturally integrated and automatically synchronized as you navigate on. The result is obvious - hassles free Scheduling development, significantly reduced complexity with out-of-the-box integration and advanced feature-sets.

WebScheduler combines the best of industry's Scheduling features and Intersoft's own unique features such as SplitView mode and AgendaView mode. One of the key features of Intersoft's WebScheduler is its built-in six Scheduler Views - from Day, Week to Year - while other similar components commonly provide only four views.

WebScheduler extensively takes advantage of FlyPostBack™ (the Intersoft's proprietary AJAX technology) to deliver high performance and responsive user experience. The TripleLoad™ feature - a unique load-on-demand mechanism invented for WebScheduler - enables end users to switch between several views instantly. The overall experience while navigating different date or month is almost seamless - as raw data is retrieved asynchronously and perform smart data fetching for nearest view.

Several key features and unique innovations of WebScheduler:

  • Hassles free development with built-in calendar and integrated scheduler views.
  • Supports 6 Scheduler Views as well as defining your own Custom View.
  • Out-of-the-box data editing and manipulation with Google-style Callout form.
  • Advanced two-ways data binding with flexible database structure support.
  • All textual elements related to Calendar are fully localizable to any cultures supported by .NET.
  • Innovative AgendaView™.
  • Over dozens of customizable styles and hundreds of customizable behaviors.