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WebNavPane lets you create advanced navigation user interface with the richness of desktop's navigation in every details of styles and behaviors.

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Create professional Outlook-style navigation control

Use WebNavPane control to quickly create rich and fully-functional Outlook-like navigation user interface in a professional way. Unlike "traditional Panel or Navigation controls", WebNavPane is designed with elegant architecture and object model as well as specialized user interface for each element. That means, you no longer require any workarounds in order to achieve a modern navigation control which is not only rich in styles, but also in every functions and behaviors.

Dramatically enhances user experience through resizable Bars.

WebNavPane lets your users resize the bar to determine how many bars should be visible in the navigation control. That means, you don't need to worry on the extensibility side of your application, e.g. the limited number of visible bars. WebNavPane will automatically manage the available bars and collapse them in the Footer section as users drag the ResizerGrip to the bottom way. WebNavPane also maintain every states of the Bar, such as the currently ActiveBar and properly restore them whether the bar is collapsed or restored.

Increase developer's productivity through advanced flexibility and extensibility

WebNavPane sets a new standard in navigation user interface by providing advanced features for greater flexibility and extensibility. You can choose one of three ContentMode for each Bar's contents, or having all of them to use the global setting specified in BarSettings. The UseItems ContentMode enables you to quickly build navigation links by manipulating the Items collection. For better extensibility, you can also use InlineContent mode and put any kind of server controls.