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WebMenu is the core runtime system that builds up WebMenuBar and WebContextMenu control. Featured with ClickAndBuild Visual Editor, you can easily build any complex menu with rich WYSIWYG experience.

Quick Start


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Easily create professional Office 2003-like menu system

Use WebMenuBar control to quickly build a professional Office-like, dockable menu user interface to your web application. The MenuBar is modeled after the popular desktop's Menu system, and provides unique functions in addition to the regular features of a Menu. For instance, the MenuBar can work properly in modern visual styles with very minimum changes. You can create a professional Menu as easy as within 2 steps. First, simply drop a new instance of MenuBar from ToolBox. Next, define the Menus and its MenuItem using Intersoft's flagship Visual Menu Builder.

Multiple functions, one architecture

The hybrid menu system enables tight integration with various WebDesktop.NET's members that requires menu functions, which is also the same core foundation that builds WebMenuBar and WebContextMenu control. By using the same base architecture, developers will get consistent object model and API across products that implement the menu system which significantly reduce learning time and complexity.

Improved user experience with familiar desktop-style keyboard supports

WebMenu does not only offer the capability to simulate latest visual styles which are highly configurable through property settings. WebMenu implements every single details of a Desktop's Menu, from every keystroke, mouse events to advanced behaviors. The result is a great benefit for end users who have been familiar with desktop applications, such as navigation of menu items through keyboard arrow keys, navigation between menus and sub menus, accesskey (MnemonicKey) supports for active menu, and more.