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WebFishEye™ is a modern dock navigation control modeled after the Mac's Leopard™ operating system. WebFishEye includes dozens of innovative features such as ability to customize the visual effects of the button, ability to show sub items in Elegant Arc mode or Grid mode, as well as superior behaviors customizability and XAML support.
WebFishEye includes out-of-the-box animation support that developers can control with simple property set. Interestingly, you can also control most aspects of the layout - such as the magnified size of the fish eye button, the dock backgrounds, tooltip text, custom font source and much more.
WebFishEye enables a lot of new navigation scenarios in Web application. Several samples are:
  • Display richer application launcher (navigator) that user can easily interact with.
  • Use Elegant Arc or Grid stack buttons feature to replace traditional menus and show the thumbnail items that your end users are working with recently.
  • Integrate with WebDesktopManager and displays the associated window when user clicks on the FishEye Button.
  • Display stunning visual effects in the Dock when your Web application is doing an activity such as creating report the AJAX way, notification on new emails - or even a progress bar for a lengthy download.

The benefit and result is obvious - end users will find your Web application user-friendly, attractive and nice to work with.

WebAqua.NET Service Pack 1 (Build 2.0.1000.217) now includes full support for Silverlight 3 such as .NET RIA services, DomainDataSource, element binding and more. Please refer to Enhancements in Service Pack 1 to learn more.