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WebEssentials 4 introduces a brand-new modern theme which was built upon unified theming framework, which makes it easy to streamline the WebEssentials styles in a unified theme, enabling a consistent look-and-feel across the application.

This page provides a comprehensive reference for each WebEssentials style provided in the modern theme.

For an overview of WebEssentials modern theme, see WebEssentials Theming Overview.
On this page:

WebAccordion Styles

Expand Direction

Item Header Content

Contextual Classes

WebCalendar Styles

Styles Overview

WebExpander Styles

Styles Overview

Expander Fixed Mode

Expander Flow Mode

Expander Indicator Style Variants

WebListBox Styles

Styles Overview

ListBox Scroller Style Variants

ListBox Content Style Variants

WebProgressBar Styles

Horizontal ProgressBar

Vertical ProgressBar

Contextual Classes

Striped ProgressBar

WebRating Styles

Styles Overview

Rating Precision Style Variants

Rating ToolTip Variants

Form Group Style Variants

Contextual Classes

WebRibbon Styles

Ribbon Button Style Variants

Menu Button Style Variants

Responsive Layouts

Responsive Ribbon Button with DropDown Menu

Contextual Group Colors

WebSlider Styles

Styles Overview

Vertical Orientation

Label Style Variants

Slider Type Variants

Contextual Classes

WebSlidingMenu Styles

Styles Overview

Contextual Classes