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WebEssentials 4 is a major release that sports a completely redesigned user interface based on the new Unified Theming framework introduced in the WebUI Studio 2016 release. Building on its innovative UI components, WebEssentials 4 leverages the latest web technologies and front-end trends optimized for modern browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Edge. The new WebEssentials lets you easily create professional-looking ASP.NET web project with simple drag-drop, while delivering beautiful design that naturally suitable to modern web applications today.

More importantly, this release adds a new modern theme that you can apply with the simplicity of xcopy. Beyond just basic styling, the modern theme includes comprehensive styling for more than hundreds of UI elements available in WebEssentials. In addition, this release provides full support for latest major browsers including Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Safari for Mac, Chrome 47 and Firefox 42.

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This page guides you through the new features and enhancements available in WebEssentials 4. Click the links below to jump to the section of your interest.



Unified Theming Support

In this release, WebEssentials has been significantly enhanced to fully support unified theming capability introduced in WebUI Framework 4. In general, these are the key area of improvements to support unified theming:

  • Inline styles are now removed in favor to CSS styles which reduce markup and page output in overall.
  • Instance-level styles and default stylesheets are no longer rendered, enabling the page to load much faster.
  • Provide attribute-based states for streamlined styling through CSS3 selectors.
  • Enhanced both server-side and client-side rendering to support modern HTML5 and CSS3 markup/syntax.

For more information, see Unified Theming.

New Unified Modern Theme

One of the biggest updates in this release is the introduction of brand-new modern theme for WebEssentials. Building on the new unified theming framework, WebEssentials' new theme leverages the most popular CSS framework, Bootstrap. Unlike previous versions, WebEssentials automatically uses shared/common styles when the unified theming feature is enabled. When the common styles are modified, WebEssentials and the other WebUI components that present similar semantic will be automatically updated.

At a glance, the WebEssentials modern theme key highlights are:

  • Written in SCSS language
  • Redesigned with clean and modern styles
  • Meticulously designed, pixel-perfect styling on over 100+ elements and editors
  • Control resources now use scalable vector graphic (SVG) in favor to low-res images
  • Includes 150+ SVG icons designed exclusively for WebUI Studio

The following screenshots show a basic of every WebEssentials controls in action with the new modern theme.


WebAccordion is a collapsible content panel featuring a modern minimalist style and silky-smooth expand/collapse animation. Take advantage of its tight integration with the Visual Studio IDE to easily add new items and set their content directly, or use IFrame mode to host external pages in WebAccordion items.


WebCalendar provides a fast, convenient way to navigate by date and select dates and date ranges.


WebExpander eases the burden of managing lengthy content by dividing it into multiple smaller sections. Use its customizable layout and diverse expansion modes to create a unique, personalized appearance that complements your Rich Internet Applications.


Using text, images, or both, WebListBox unleashes your inner creativity, allowing you to build eye-popping vertical navigators. A rich set of predefined themes provides an endless variety of choices bound to suit every website. For more exacting applications, a comprehensive set of style and layout properties enables you to create navigation set to your own precise specifications in mere minutes.


Whether your preference is vertical or horizontal, WebProgressBar provides an elegant progress indicator for your Web application.


WebRating is a powerful and stylish addition to your blog or forum, or any Web applications that require an interactive user rating capability.


WebRibbon is a business-oriented ASP.NET ribbon UI control which is comprehensive, fast and easy to use. WebRibbon is part of Intersoft WebEssentials family that provides common ribbon functionality similar to the ribbon in Office applications. It consists of application menu, ribbon tab, group and group item. WebRibbon enables you to easily create rich Ribbon-friendly applications where application functions are neatly organized and related commands are grouped together.


With its fully customizable orientation and slide direction, WebSlider makes it a breeze to add a unique slider input control, tailored precisely to your application’s needs.


Easily build sophisticated hierarchical navigation systems with WebSlidingMenu. This powerful component can host virtually unlimited items in the most complex structures. Its advanced Load-on-Demand technology provides high performance with minimal overhead by intelligently requesting items just before your users need them.

For more information about the theme features and how to apply the theme in your web projects, see WebEssentials Theming Overview. To see the complete style reference available in the Modern Theme, see WebEssentials Modern Theme Style Reference.

Support Bootstrap Semantics

Some of WebEssentials components such as WebProgressBar, WebRating, WebSlider, and WebSlidingMenu supports Bootstrap's contextual classes as you can vary its colors. For complete theming guide, see WebEssentials Theming Overview.

Latest Browser Support

WebEssentials 4 has been significantly improved to support the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Edge
  • Safari Mac 9.0
  • Chrome 48
  • Firefox 44


Updates and fixes in this release

This release includes the following updates and bug fixes:

T Key Summary P Status Component/s
Bug ASPNET-388 WebSlider: Misaligned slider indicator when MaximumValue property is set to the highest value on Unified Theming Minor Resolved WebEssentials
Improvement ASPNET-385 WebSlider - Improve Validation State Minor Closed WebEssentials
Improvement ASPNET-384 WebRating - Improve Validation State Minor Closed WebEssentials
New Feature ASPNET-377 WebAccordion: Responsive design support for "Left" and "Right" expand direction on Unified Theming Minor Closed WebEssentials
Bug ASPNET-376 WebListBox: Lisbox item truncated when Scroll Mode set to Scroller and Scroller was hidden on Unified Theming. Major Resolved WebEssentials
Improvement ASPNET-375 WebSlider: Improve Progress precision on Unified Theming Major Closed WebEssentials
Bug ASPNET-374 WebSlider: Miss aligned Progress when Range Enabled on Unified Theming Major Resolved WebEssentials
Bug ASPNET-373 WebSlider: LargeInfoLine not showing even though LargeStepValue has been specify Major Resolved WebEssentials
Bug ASPNET-372 WebSlidingMenu: Javascript error when click back button after navigation by double click a MenuItem. Major Resolved WebEssentials
Bug ASPNET-370 WebSlidingMenu: AlternateItem hover and active state used ItemStyle instead of AlternateItemStyle. Major Resolved WebEssentials
Bug ASPNET-367 WebCalendarItem cell height keeps increasing as the date is selected, when EnableKeyboardSupport=true on IE11. Major Resolved WebEssentials
Bug ASPNET-365 In non unified theming, selected date style and cell inbound style share the same styling Major Resolved
New Feature ASPNET-338 WebSlider : ASP Validator Support. Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-337 WebRating : ASP Validator Support. Major Closed
Bug ASPNET-320 WebSlider: Click (not press) Left/Right arrow will not change WebSlider Value. Major Resolved
Bug ASPNET-285 WebSlidingMenu: Previous active item's style not reset to normal. Major Resolved
Improvement ASPNET-283 WebSlider: Improve slider height calculation on vertical orientation. Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-282 WebSlider: Percentage width support. Major Closed
Bug ASPNET-273 WebProgressbar: progressbar shadow missing height on Horizontal Undetermine Progressbar. Major Resolved
Bug ASPNET-271 WebExpander: HeaderStyle not Applied correctly on Right Flow Direction Mode. Major Resolved
Bug ASPNET-269 WebCalendar: Focus Cell not reset properly after lost focus. Major Resolved
Bug ASPNET-268 WebCalendar: InboundStyle and FocusCell style not applied properly. Major Resolved
Task ASPNET-209 Unified modern style for WebSlidingMenu Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-208 Unified modern style for WebSlider Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-207 Unified modern style for WebRibbon Major Closed
Task ASPNET-206 Unified modern style for WebRating Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-205 Unified modern style for WebProgressBar Major Closed
Task ASPNET-204 Unified modern style for WebListBox Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-203 Unified modern style for WebExpander Major Resolved
New Feature ASPNET-202 Unified modern style for WebCalendar Major Closed
New Feature ASPNET-201 Unified modern style for WebAccordion Major Closed

Since WebEssentials 4 is a major release, the WebEssentials updates are not available via Update Manager channel. Please install from the latest setup for the best development experiences which includes new project templates and other IDE enhancements.