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Featuring 8 innovative components, WebEssentials lets you add breathtaking visual effects and unprecedented ease of use to your Rich Internet Applications.

With WebEssentials, you can have intuitive nagition that allows user to quickly locate vital information hidden in mountains of data or to find that one critical web page among hundreds of thousands, Multipurpose container to make the most of precious screen real-estate, Ingenious input to ensure that your users have the tools they need for guaranteed high-quality data input with WebEssential's wide array of data entry components.



WebAccordion is a collapsible content panel with various selectable styles




WebCalendar is a calendar control with built-in date range selection.




WebRating is a rating control with unlimited possible configuration.




WebSlider is a intuitive slider control with single and dual rails feature.




WebExpander is a interactive expand collapse control with dual expand modes.




WebProgressBar is a control that offers accurate progress indicator with rich features.




WebListBox is a sophisticated list box control with codeless data binding feature.




WebSlidingMenuItem is a iPhone-style sliding menu control with advanced Load-on-Demand.




WebRibbon is a business-oriented ASP.NET ribbon UI control which is comprehensive, fast and easy to use.