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WebDragDropExtender.NET is an ASP.NET server control enabling you to add sophisticated drag and drop behaviors to existing server controls or html controls. WebDragDropExtender.NET is a new member of WebDesktop.NET family available in version 2.5.

WebDragDropExtender component is the first of its kind in the industry that provides sophisticated drag and drop implementation with elegant object model so that you can add drag and drop behavior to any existing server controls easily in consistent programming model.

WebDragDropExtender includes unique innovations and never-before-seen features such as:
  • Standard compliance with Winform-style drag and drop implementation and behaviors, including life cycle and event.
  • Automatic transparent shadow. You can also create your own customized shadow.
  • Multiple drag and drop targets.
  • Powerful and highly extensible with object-oriented drag data event argument available in OnDragOver, OnDragEnter and OnDragDrop.
  • Extremely high performance and lightweight with only 20KB scripts.
  • Support cross IFRAME. Both children and nested sibling IFRAME.
  • Built-in Effects cursor and indicator.
  • Vista-style tooltip feedbacks during drag-hover operation.
  • Interactive cursor indicator during drag operation. Notice that mouse cursor will show "Not Allowed" sign when hovered on invalid object. When the pointer is within the boundary of valid dropable object, it will show the cursor effect specified in the drag object.