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WebDialogBox enables you to easily create modal dialog box on the top of DesktopManager which perfectly replicating the behavior of desktop's dialog box.

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Enhanced user experience by providing modern-styled dialog box

Use WebDialogBox control to easily display professional looking dialogbox in your webform. WebDialogBox features modal dialogbox capabilities similar to desktop's behaviors. For instance, the parent form that show the dialogbox should become non-focusable and non-clickable. With the detailed dialogbox implementation, WebDialogBox dramatically enhance user's experience while working in web-based application.

Replace traditional web page dialog with customized dialogbox

In most cases, developer would need to provide a modal dialogbox when requiring input from end users. The traditional web page dialog approach requires you to create a Page for every dialog box and caused ineffectivity in the long run when developing complex web application. WebDialogBox enables you to create customized dialogbox by using reusable component model with the ease-of-use of ClickAndEdit development experience and built-in CommandButtons collection.

Increased usability and extensibility with DesktopManager integration

When integrated to DesktopManager, WebDialogBox will automatically inherit style definition specified in DesktopManager. This provides zero-efforts for delivering consistent visual styles of the WindowStyle. In addition, WebDialogBox is further extended with the Window behaviors available in DesktopManager. Although WebDialogBox fully supports standalone mode, it's best to be used along together with DesktopManager.