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DesktopManager lets you quickly create professional, advanced web applications using desktop-like user interface concepts, including built-in Windowing navigation system, shorcuts, context menus and new High Clarity Desktop technology.

Quick Start


Create elegant Windows desktop-like web applications

Use WebDesktopManager as your primary Application Navigation component to easily manage Shortcuts and Windows. WebDesktopManager lets you easily create features-rich and high performance Windows desktop-style web applications. Its High Clarity Desktop technology implements 98% behaviors of a desktop user interface and concepts, such as window movement, resizing, minimizing, maximizing, context menus and many more.

Deliver uncluttered workspace's web applications

The innovative DesktopManager introduced a new level of user experience by implementing advanced Windowing navigation system. It enables you to quickly build web applications that deliver better user interface with uncluttered workspace's approach to browsers which at the end significantly increase user's productivity.

Improve efficiency and usability dramatically

You can improve efficiency and usability of your enterprise web application by replacing traditional's "single tasking" approach application with DesktopManager's "multi tasking" approach.

Single tasking basically means that you can perform only one task at a time. For instance, a traditional web application typically provides one main page view which requires you to complete the task before you can access other page or module. In most events, you would need to repetitively go back and forth in order to find a piece of information.

Multiple tasking concepts in DesktopManager completely changed the way of working in browser-based application by offering the Windowing navigation system which allows you to launch multiple windows hosting different modules/pages. Further you can easily switch between windows, arrange them vertically or horizontally to look at different information at the same time.

With multitasking-enabled, you can build new kind of applications with desktop-style user experience which is not possible to be done with traditional's single-tasking approach. For instance, you can now launch a New Message window while the users are at Inbox screen and thus it didn't interrupt the currently working spaces.

The following shows the illustration of comparison between single and multiple tasking applications.