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This section is designated to help you quickly getting started with WebDesktop.NET. You can use all links below to become familiar with WebDesktop.



The following topics will guide you how to install WebDesktop.NET and what the system requirements you need to have in order to run WebDesktop.NET in your PC.


This section will help you to configure and set the application in deploying the project to server. It also provides information on how to use Deployment Manager which contains the essential things you need to manage before proceeding to deployment.


WebDesktop.NET® 2.5 includes major enhancements in user interface, styles, AJAX improvements, wider scenario support for WebFlyPostBackManager and WebNotification, and rich designer experience.

If you are planning to upgrade your existing web application to use WebDesktop.NET 2.5, please take the following points into consideration:

  • Enable SmartWebResources™ for WebDesktop and take advantage of the hassles-free deployment approach. With this new feature, you can now develop web application using File System Project (FSP) and Web Application Project (WAP) which introduced in Visual Studio 2005 SP1. The SmartWebResources™ enables all client resources including images and background images in the theme to display properly in design-time environment.

    If you are a new web developer and would like to develop ASP.NET 2.0 web application using WebDesktop.NET 2.5, you may want to check out Microsoft's Visual Web Developer Express. Visual Web Developer Express is a lightweight version of Visual Studio 2005, and is provided for free by Microsoft. Since that WebDesktop.NET 2.0 is built on the top of Visual Studio 2005 architecture, Visual Web Developer Express is fully supported as well. To download Visual Web Developer Express, visit

  • If you are using a lot of WebMenuBar, WebToolBar and WebContextMenu component, consider to use the new Normal option for MenuWindowType. This new WindowType solves numerous display and positioning issues that occurred in Internet Explorer 7.0. Note that these issues are behavior by design in Internet Explorer 7.0 which limits the usage of "popup" object to prevent security issues.
  • We have added new styles to all of the User Interface components included in WebDesktop.NET. The new styles are mainly focused on Office 2007 and Vista style. Check them out and easily apply the new style to your existing web application.

Our development team is working hard to ensure that you can upgrade your web application as smooth as possible in less efforts. You can easily migrate your existing web application to use version 2.5 by simply changing the assembly references to 2.5 assemblies.

To upgrade an existing ASP.NET 2.0 web application to use WebDesktop.NET 2.5, please do the following:

  • Open an existing web application in Visual Studio 2005/Express
  • Expand Bin folder
  • Remove ISNet.dll, ISNet.WebUI.dll and ISNet.WebUI.WebGrid.dll
  • Right click on the Project node then click Add Reference
  • Add ISNet.dll, ISNet.WebUI.dll from [Installation Folder]\WebUI.NET Framework 3.0\Bin [Note that the file version should be 3.0.5000.400+]
  • Add ISNet.WebUI.WebDesktop.dll from [Installation Folder]\WebDesktop.NET 2.5\Bin
  • Rebuild your web application and run in browser


If you are planning to use new SmartWebResources™ feature available in WebDesktop.NET 2.5 for simpler deployment, please refer to Hassle-free deployment through SmartWebResources™ technology.
There is no breaking changes in WebDesktop.NET 2.5. All existing object model, features and behaviors remain the same. 

Application-wide Configurations

To configure deployment-related properties via web.config, consult this document: Application-wide Configurations