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WebCombo provides you with the most powerful, flexible combo box available in the industry which delivers instant data retrieval with LINQ-to-SQL technology and the capability to fetch millions of rows in just a few seconds. With innovative features such as type-ahead searching, auto completion mode, multiple columns, multiple selections and more, performing data entry with WebCombo is easier and more reliable than ever before.

In version 6, WebCombo has been redesigned to fully support the latest web standards. This allows you to use the powerful WebCombo's features in your next-generation web applications that leverages the cutting-edge technologies such as HTML5.

The following list details the enhancements and new features introduced in WebCombo 6.

  • Full compliance with HTML5 doc type.

    HTML5 doc type enables consistent results and pixel-perfect rendering across all modern browsers that support HTML5.

    The following features have been enhanced to support HTML5 doc type:
    • Multiple Columns
    • Multiple Selection
    • SearchBox Position
    • Dynamic Add Items
    • Integration with Context Menu
    • ResultBoxWindowType will default to Normal when using HTML5 mode

To learn how to enable HTML5 rendering mode in WebCombo, see How-to: Enable HTML5 Rendering Mode.

  • CSS3 support.

    When the WebCombo control is hosted in pages that use HTML5 doc type, it will automatically enable CSS3 to deliver better visual effects and consistent results across all modern browsers. The CSS3 adoption also increases performance in overall due to the reduced HTML output. This is possible because certain markups are no longer required in the rendering which makes the WebCombo output even more compact.

    The following features have been enhanced to use CSS3:
    • Round Corner Edges
    • ResultBox Drop Shadow
    • ResultBox Rendering

WebCombo 6 continues to support backward compatibility with HTML4 and XHTML doc type. This means that you can upgrade your existing projects to WebCombo 6 without any additional efforts.