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WebCombo 5 is strongly focused on enterprise web development which has evolved to adopt the latest web technologies such as cloud computing, software-as-a-service (SaaS) and other Web 2.0 related technologies. WebCombo 5 features an advanced client-side data binding architecture which allows you to easily bind a WebCombo to service-based data source such as Web Service, WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) Service, and the ADO Data Service. In addition, WebCombo also enables a number of advanced client-side scenarios such as binding to a JSON data source which is retrieved from a RESTful web service.

This topic provides the information and links to the new features and enhancements in WebCombo 5.

In This Section

Client Data Binding

Provides a comprehensive overview of the client-side data binding architecture spanning from the concepts, benefits, to the supported features and samples.

Client Data Services

Discusses the concepts of client data services, the type of service it supports, and provides information on the best practices and key scenarios to develop service-based applications using WebCombo.

Client Binding API

Describes the new public methods and events which are available when client binding mode is enabled, and the data source type is set to either client services or client data source.

Default Style Merging

Contains information about the new option in WebCombo to merge user-defined styles with the default style.