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Intersoft WebCombo is a high-performance combo box component with industry's best features for ASP.NET web development. Top features include cutting-edge LINQ-to-SQL databinding support, intuitive wizard designer,multiple instances linking, type-ahead completion, advanced load-on demand, innovative Outlook-style multiple selection and much more.

This topic provides information and links to the features added in the WebCombo version 4.

In This Section

New User Interface Features

Provides information about new user interface with latest Windows look and feel. It also improves its ability to render round corner in the edges.

XHTML 1.1 Transitional Support

Describes XHTML 1.1 Transitional supported by WebCombo. All user interface features and data functions are also supported and fully tested.

Easy SmartWebResources Deployment

Contains information about SmartWebResources which simplify the deployment process. No more copying javascript, component images and runtime files. You can simply copy the assemblies to the bin folder.

Data Binding Wakthroughs

Provides information about the new and codeless data binding experience, which means that you are no longer required to write any code to configure data source, connection and related properties.

Advanced Load-on-Demand Data Retrieval using ISDataSourceControl

Contains information about ISDataSource control which is Intersoft's flagship DataSource control. Learn how advanced load-on-demand data retrieval can be applied to WebCombo using the ISDataSource control.

Quick Configuration using SmartTag Designer

Introduces SmartTag Designer that extends Visual Studio's designer architecture, which is useful to help users in getting started of WebCombo instance.

Guided Design-time Data Source Configuration

Describes the new component designer that used Vista-style window controls. This designer is used to help developer understanding and applying most features available in WebCombo.

Improved Data Caching

Provides information about data caching feature to avoid memory leak and store the cache to physical disk.

Support for Latest Opera and Safari Browsers

Describes the support for latest Opera and Safari browsers in WebCombo.

Integration with WebTreeView

Provides integration with WebTreeView.

Integration with WebContextMenu

Provides integration with WebContextMenu.