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WebUI Studio comes with deep IDE integration to help you get started in creating gorgeous enterprise apps in no time. Let's take a look at some of the features that comes pre-installed with every successful installation of WebUI Studio. If you need help in installing WebUI Studio, refer to this document.

Available for Visual Studio 2010 and upwards, here are the full list of integrated features:

Project Templates

Upon creating new project with Visual Studio, you'll be able to jump-start your web apps development simply by utilizing the Project Templates for Visual Studio. 

They are accessible under Visual C#Intersoft SolutionsASP.NET.

  • Intersoft Empty Web Application
    An empty project for creating a web application using Intersoft WebUI Studio controls.
  • Intersoft Web Application Navigation
    Create rich web application navigation using Intersoft WebUI Studio controls. 

Upon using the project templates, all the necessary assembly references are automatically added for you.

Visual Studio ToolBox

Intersoft WebUI Studio also comes with intuitive, ready-to-use toolbox that contains a wealth of controls that integrates with Visual Studio.

They are always accessible in the Visual Studio Toolbox. To use them, all you have to do is simply drag the controls from the Toolbox onto the designer surface.

Intuitive Component Designer

Almost every Intersoft WebUI Studio controls comes with an intuitive component designer.

To access this feature, simply perform a right-click on an Intersoft control, then from the context menu, choose the Designer.

The Component Designer allows you to control various aspects of the component easily, such as properties, attributes, data source, styles, and much more. 

Intersoft SmartTags

In addition to intuitive component designer, Intersoft WebUI Studio components are also integrated with Visual Studio Smart Tags, so you can perform smart actions quick and easy.

To start using SmartTags, in Design surface, simply click on the control, then click on the small > button that appears on the top right corner of the control.

F1 Contextual Help Integration

Starting from WebUI Studio 2015 R2 and onwards, you can take advantage of the Visual Studio F1 help integration. When you put your cursor over a class member, property, method, or the editor itself and hit F1 on your keyboard, you'll be taken to the Developer Center with the matching API documentation.


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