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WebTreeView.NET® 1.0 introduces you innovative TriState checkbox which allows you to have a better control over the state of checkbox in hierarchical presentation. These three states are: checked, indeterminate, and unchecked.

WebTreeView.NET ® 1.0 Tristate Checkbox

When to use Tristate checkbox? As an ASP.NET developer, you should have installed Microsoft Visual Studio before and familiar with the setup wizard in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. In the option page, users are given an option to choose which components they want to install by checking the check box. Notice when you check the root check box, all the child check boxes will be checked. If you check some child check boxes, the root check box will be checked.

This Tristate checkbox concept is adopted by WebTreeView.NET® 1.0, implementing the exact behavior of the three-state checkbox concept of Windows-based tree view.

There is no code needed to take advantage of the Tristate checkbox feature, you only need to set the EnableTriStateCheckbox property to True. Another related property is the AutoCheckChildNodes. Set it to True and it will automatically check all child nodes when the parent node is checked.

Besides the advanced TriState checkbox, WebTreeView is also equipped with traditional checkbox, the two-state checkbox (checked or unchecked). Set the ShowCheckBoxes property to All and you will see a checkbox in every nodes.

The value of ShowCheckBoxes property

Please note that the  AutoCheckChildNodes property also applies to normal checkbox, two state-state checkbox (checked and unchecked).

Microsoft Visual Studio Setup Wizard Replica by WebTreeView.NET® 1.0