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Intersoft Solutions provides full product support for all controls available in WebUI Studio. This topic outlines a number of ways to get product support, get involved with the community, as well as obtaining product updates.


Intersoft development team members and community leaders author a variety of blogs that target ASP.NET web development in general using the recommended guidelines and best practice. The blogs often discuss interesting topics such as database access and connectivity challenges, as well as samples, videos and latest development news.

Visit Intersoft Blog.


The Intersoft Community Forums is the best place where you can post your questions and technical problems, as well as discussing on the latest application development trend around the WebUI Studio controls.

Blending the modern minimalist styling and lightweight user interface, Intersoft Community is designed to be your most resource-wealth technical community center. You can create a new thread to ask question or simply to start a discussion, reply other user's questions or rate your most favorite threads – everything you need for a productive forum activity.

Visit Intersoft Community Forums.

Support Center

Intersoft Support Center provides a wealth of product resources and literatures that help you quickly find the solutions to your problems. With the intuitive navigation, you can quickly navigate to a product page, read the tutorial, watch getting started videos, browse knowledge base and latest development blogs and more.

Visit Intersoft Support Center.

Contact Technical Support

Depending on the support level agreement (SLA) as part of the benefits that you received from your purchase, you can contact our technical support through various ways such as email or phone call. More comprehensive support levels such as instant messaging and real-time web-based chat support are also provided. Please visit Intersoft Support Level site to learn your support benefits and find out the most convenient way for you to contact us.

Checking for Product Updates

Intersoft WebUI Studio® includes an update manager application which allows you to easily download and install new updates. Product hotfixes are released on monthly basis to provide the most time-efficient enhancements and values to existing customers. To check, download and install for updates, simply launch Update Manager from Intersoft WebUI Studio program group.

The following illustration shows the Update Manager application interface.

Bug Reports

When submitting the bug report, make sure you have following information to avoid multiple communication roundtrip:

  • Product Edition (if applicable) 
  • Full Product Version. E.g.: 4.0.7200 
  • Browsers (with Full Version, including Service Packs or HotFixes if any) 
  • Operating System (with Full Version, including Service Packs or HotFixes if any) 
  • Development Environment Products 
  • Development Environment Versions 
  • Affected Machines: Development, Production Server or Both 
  • Monitors: Single or Dual 

You also might need to provide issue-specific information such as:

  • Current results/behaviors 
  • Expected results/behaviors 
  • Steps to reproduce 
  • Working/Compilable samples