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The new license manager is tailored to help you manage your licenses easier than ever. In our previous product package, you are required to enter license key during installation. If you are incorrectly entering the key, you need to reinstall the whole package in order to enter the correct key.

The new License Manager resolves this limitation so that you can enter the purchased licenses from a standalone Windows GUI application. You are no longer required to enter license keys during installation.


A significant benefit that resulted from the new licensing concept is the easy upgrading from trial to retail version. Previously, a prospect customer is required to download the trial version, then later the retail version after purchase. Starting from 2007 R2, we will ship only one version of product package. This new package will default to trial version on first installation. Later after you purchased a license, you simply launch the License Manager application and enter the new license key through the GUI. Upon successful validation, the trial mode will be unlocked automatically. This enables you to work with development effortlessly and uninterrupted, while dramatically boosting productivity and efficiency.