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This page outlines the WebUI Studio installation process. This applies to all products under WebUI Studio (WebGrid, WebCombo, WebScheduler, etc).

System Requirements

Consult this page for the System Requirements.

Installation Guide

Here are the step-by-step instructions to install WebUI Studio:

  1.  Double click on the WebUI Studio installer, for example: "intersoftstudio2016.exe" icon to start the installation process. Read the instructions, and click next.
  2. Please read the license agreement. You must accept the terms in the license agreement in order to install WebUI Studio.
  3. Fill in your details such as User Name and Organization. Click Next to proceed.

  4. You can select the product edition and setup type that you would like to install and perform.
    The product contains three editions such as WebUI, ClientUI, and Crosslight.

  5. Click Next to proceed with the installation process.

  6. The wizard is installing Intersoft Studio 2016.

  7. A window showing the installation progress appears. It will list the status of components that are being installed.

  8. After the installation process has been finished, you will see a confirmation window. Click Finish to close the window. You have successfully installed the Intersoft WebUI Studio.