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In the previous walkthrough topics:

You have learnt how to apply Unified Modern theme in WebUI application and uses tools (Node Sass library or Web Compiler extension for Visual Studio 2015) to customize the theme.

In this release, Intersoft added WebUI project template named as Intersoft Unified Empty Web Application. This template will helps developer to start a web application with Unified Modern theme applied.

On this page:

Create Empty Web Application with Unified Modern Theme enabled

Using this template, you can easily generate the web application with Unified Modern theme enabled in just a click of a button. Creating the project is easy:

  1. Open Visual Studio.
  2. Open New Project dialog box (File / New / Project or type New Project in the Quick Launch window).
  3. Navigate to Visual C# or Visual Basic / Intersoft Solutions / ASP.NET from the tree navigation on the left.
  4. Enter the Name and Location of the project then click OK button.

The end result of the generated project looks like this.

The project will have:

  • App_Data folder
    The App_Data folder is used by ASP.NET to store an application's local database, such as the database (including .mdf database files, XML files, and other data store files) for maintaining membership and role information.
  • Assets folder
    The Assets folder contains css files: app.css required by the sample page.
  • Master folder
    The Master folder contains MasterPage file: App.master required by the sample page. 
  • Themes folder
    This is the folder where the themes required files are organized. You will be able to find generated css, layout files of WebUI controls, and List.xml file inside.
  • UserControls folder
    The UserControls folder contains a user control file: NavigationHeaderControl.ascx required by App.master to show navigation header.
  • Default.aspx sample page
    A simple page showing several examples of WebUI components with the Unified Modern Theme.

  • Global.asax file
    Also know as the ASP.NET application file. It is an optional file that contains code for responding to application-level events raised by ASP.NET or by HttpModules. At run time, Global.asax is parsed and compiled into a dynamically generated .NET Framework class derived from the HttpApplication base class.
  • istheme.config file
    The theme project configuration file represents a single file (ISTHEME.CONFIG) that contains configurations for all the theme project.
  • Web.config file
    The configuration settings file to specify configuration settings such as compiler options, debugging, user authentication, error-message display, connection strings, and more.

Build the project and view Default.aspx page in browser.