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This walkthrough shows you how to bind SQL database to WebScheduler using ISDataSource.

During this walkthrough, you will learn how to do the following:

  • Use ISDataSource.
  • Use SmartTag to set DataSource.
  • Use Data Source Configuration Wizard to set the Database and table.


In order to complete this walkthrough, you will need the following:

  • Access to the Intersoft SQL database.
  • Visual Studio 2008 Application.

Step-By-Step Instructions

To create new web application and bind ISDataSource to WebScheduler

  1. Launch Visual Studio.NET 2008.
  2. Click on File menu, then select New and click Web Site.
  3. Select ASP.NET Web Site in the Template box and set Location to HTTP.
  4. Named the Web Site and click OK.
  5. Right-click on Project's name and select Add New Item.
  6. Select Intersoft AppForm in the My Templates box and named it as Walkthrough.aspx.
  7. Drag and drop WebScheduler and ISDataSource instances from toolbar to WebForm.
  8. Right click on WebScheduler control and choose WebScheduler Database Wizard.
  9. Provide Server name and create Database name. In this case, Server name is set to server1\sqlexpress and Database name is set to Intersoft. Click Create button afterwards.

  10. Open Server Explorer and choose Connect to Database. A dialog box will appear.
  11. Set Server name to server1\sqlexpress and Database name to Intersoft. Click OK to continue.

  12. In the Solution Explorer, right-click on App_Code and select Add New Item.
  13. Add a Dataset and named it Intersoft_DataSet.xsd.
  14. Drag and drop the tables from server explorer to the dataset then save the dataset.

  15. In the Solution Explorer, right-click on App_Code and select Add New Item.
  16. Add a new class and named it Intersoft_DataSet.cs.
  17. Here is the IntersoftDataSet.cs content.

    VB .NET
  18. Build the solution.
  19. Click the SmartTag and select Configure Data Source on the upper right of the ISDataSource control.
  20. Select SchemaType to DataSet and Schema Name to IntersoftDataSet then click Next.

  21. Make sure the Select, Insert, Update and Delete tab for each table is not empty then click Finish.

  22. Select WebScheduler instance and press F4 to show the WebScheduler's properties.
  23. Set the following properties:


  24. Go to DataBinding and specify the field of CategoryBinding, EventsBinding, RecurrenceBinding, RecurrenceEventsBinding, and ResourcesBinding based on the database field.


  25. WebScheduler binding is done. Now you are able to run the project.

     The database is empty so the current WebScheduler will not show any event or resources.