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This document outlines the process of applying Intersoft license to the installed Intersoft Products. You will learn the difference between Design Time License Key and Runtime License key, and also how to apply them in your installed products.

Difference between Design Time License Key and Runtime License Key

Every Intersoft’s controls come with two different license key, Design Time license key and Runtime license key.

  • Design Time license key is a key required in development environment to change the trial suite into full-licensed. This key is obtained when you purchase Intersoft ASP.NET products and it is used only for installation purpose in development environment. You will be adviced to input the Design Time license key using License Manager in order to use the full version of Intersoft products.

  • Runtime license key is a key required when you deploy the project that includes Intersoft products. This key is used to license Intersoft products for deployment purpose in production/deployment environment. You will be adviced to input the Runtime license key during deployment using Deployment Manager (for ASP.NET products) or Runtime Application Licensing (for Silverlight/WPF products).

Please obtain each licensed component's Runtime license key from your Intersoft Account. You only need to obtain once and reuse it in multiple projects. The login detail is provided in your purchase receipt. If you purchased from our resellers, it may take 24-48 hours for the verification and account creation process.

Your Licenses

To obtain your license, simply log on to our website and access your account

Applying Design Time License

  1. To apply Design Time license, open the License Manager. You can open the License Manager through Start menu >> All Programs >> Intersoft WebUI Studio 2012 R1 >> License Manager.
  2. Click "Add License" to proceed to the next step.

  3. Now, select the product you would like to apply Design Time license to. To apply the Design Time license for WebGrid, select WebGrid.NET Version 8.0.7200 and enter the license according to the component.
  4. Click Add and it will automatically check the license with the server through internet connection. If it is correct, then you have successfully installed the full version of WebGrid 8. This applies to all Intersoft products as well.

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