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Intersoft ClientUI provides a rich library of controls that support user interface (UI) development, ranging from essential user information controls such as label, glass label, ellipsis text, progress bar, to advanced UI controls such as image loader, field label and media player.

Many of the ClientUI user interface controls provide rich content model to easily support image/icon and content presentation which is widely adopted in modern application interface today. Standards-compliance usability is also consistently implemented in various controls, such as built-in focus management in FieldLabel and CallOut. Various UI controls such as VideoPlayer, GlassLabel and ImageLoader include rich style that can be easily customized if needed. The UXProgressBar sports Aero-style theme with indeterminate progress animation support.

In This Section

The following table lists the UI controls available in ClientUI. 

A unique content control with built-in perspective effect.
A label control with automatic text trimming mechanism.
A uniform data field control to display a label and content.
A multi-purpose, glass-style label control.
A rich image loader with progress bar and elegant animation.
A stylish label control with image and text presentation.
An MVVM-ready busy indicator control with flexible content mode.
A rich progress bar control with built-in Aero glass style.
A flexible scroll bar control with sleek Aero glass style.
A multi-purpose thumb control for drag and drop operation.