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Intersoft ClientUI includes a comprehensive bar controls for menu and commands interface that essential in a rich business application, ranging from context menu, menu bar, tool bar, tool group, dropdown and split buttons, separator and much more.

The bar and menu control lineups are built with elegant architecture in which the children items such as menu item can be consistently used in various containers such as UXDropDownButton, UXSplitButton, UXToolBarButton, UXMenuBar, UXContextMenu and other menu-related controls. With full support for routed command and MVVM binding through delegate command, the ClientUI's ToolBar and Menu controls provide robust commanding solution that works consistently throughout your application interface.

In This Section

The following table lists the toolbar and menu controls available in ClientUI.

An attachable context menu control.
A toolbar container with vertical and drag drop support.
A full-featured menu bar with access key, command and customizable styles.
A multi-purpose 3D separator with customizable orientation.
A mult-purpose status bar control with easy fill behavior.
A rich, advanced toolbar with image and dropdown buttons.
An elegant tool group supporting flat and 3D border appearance.