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Intersoft ClientUI includes a powerful, journal-aware navigation framework that consisted of several key components and UI controls that works seamlessly together to deliver consistent and reliable navigation experiences throughout the application.

At the core of the ClientUI navigation framework is the UXFrame and UXPage class that designed with particular features that allow them to work seamlessly together. The UXPage represents discrete sections of navigable content, while the UXFrame control acts as a container for the page controls which is also referred as navigation host, and facilitates navigation to pages.

In addition to UXFrame, ClientUI also includes several controls that are exposed as navigation host such as UXNavigationWindow. All navigation hosts are designed to share the same features and behaviors, and they work in the same way and manner to deliver consistent results.

The following table lists the navigation controls available in ClientUI.


A versatile, multi-purpose navigation control that packs
breadcrumb and menu functionality into a single intuitive user interface.
A powerful navigation control with state-of-the-art features.
A hyperlink control for navigating to local or external page.
A set of journal buttons for navigating back and forward.
A rich navigation bar with complete navigation commands.
A rich button control with advanced navigation features.
A window with integrated navigation frame and commands.
A feature-rich tabbing control with built-in professional theme.
An MVVM-ready tree view control with built-in navigation and rich UX features.