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Intersoft ClientUI 10 adds comprehensive reporting controls to the ClientUI product family, as well as several new enhancement to existing controls designed to address the most demanding requirements in line-of-business applications. ClientUI 10 also adds support for .Visual Studio 2013 and Expression Blend for Visual Studio 2013.

New Controls

Reporting Controls

ClientUI 10 now ships a full-fledged XAML reporting engine which includes a powerful C# style scripting support for the most demanding business reports. Packed along with an intuitive viewer control, ClientUI Reporting offers sophisticated viewing experiences and blazing-fast rendering performance to display advanced business reports without performance bottleneck. The built-in report designer enables you to create a stunning report in significantly shorter time with less effort, thanks to the modern WYSIWYG designer surface and comprehensive design tools.

An intuitive viewer control offering sophisticated viewing
experiences and blazing-fast performance to display advanced
business reports without performance bottleneck.

A comprehensive report design tools with modern design
workspace that emphasize on true WYSIWYG experience.

DevForce 2012 Data Provider

ClientUI 10 now support DevForce 2012. You can use the QueryDescriptor with DevForce 2012 async query.

Enhancements to Existing Controls


  • Visual Studio 2013 support, including toolbox, project templates, and assembly references.


  • Added PropertyInterceptor property, that intercept property generation logic based on item type.
  • User can provide an IValueInterceptor object to intercept value editing process which include begin edit, commit edit and rest value.


  • Commands are now re-invalidated when ribbon tab is changed.
  • Introduce new style properties to ease styling ribbon controls:
    RibbonButtonStyle, RibbonCheckBoxStyle, RibbonComboBoxStyle, RibbonDropDownButtonStyle, RibbonFieldLabelStyle,
    RibbonRadioButtonStyle, RibbonSeparatorStyle, RibbonSplitButtonStyle, RibbonToolBarButtonStyle, RibbonSeparatorStyle,
    RibbonSplitButtonStyle, RibbonToolBarButtonStyle, RibbonToggleButtonStyle, RibbonGalleryStyle, RibbonGalleryListStyle,
    RibbonTabGroupStyle, RibbonOrderedTabGroupStyle.
  • Added ImageMemberPath property to UXRibbonGallery.


  • Introduce LostFocusCommand and GetFocusCommand.
  • The content displayed, now will also affected by the ItemTemplateSelector, when user use NonEditable mode with ItemTemplateSelector.


  • Support optional minor value (e.g .#, .##, .0#, etc).


  • Added ContentCacheMode property to controls the behavior of tab item caching when switching tab item.


  • DropDownButton command will be called for each menu item click that does not have command specified.


  • Added InputMode property (Any, TextOnly, NumericOnly) to limit user input.


  • Added financial chart series .
  • Added cross hair feature.

DragDrop Framework

  • Pressing escape while dragging inside a dialog box will still show the dialog box.
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