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Bookmarks are used to show the report's structure in a tree-like form. You can easily navigate to each section using hyperlink in a report or through bookmark browser in the ReportViewer. For more information about report hyperlink, see Hyperlink Overview.

Bookmark can be specified on each component in a report. In fact, a report may contain unlimited nesting level of bookmarks. Each level need to be separated with a backslash (\) character. See the following illustration.

Top Level Bookmark


Second Level Bookmark



Products\Dairy Products

Third Level Bookmark

Products\Beverages\Sasquatch Ale

Products\Beverages\Chartreuse verte

Products\Condiments\Anissed Syrup

Products\Dairy Products\Queso Cabrales

Not only literal text, you also can utilize scripting to define a bookmark. To learn more about scripting, see Scripting Overview.